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4 Absolutely Convincing Reasons Why You need WordPress Developers

These days, it’s easy to put up a normal website or an ecommerce store. Technology has made it all too simple for you to signup, fiddle with the mouse or trackpad, drag drop, upload content, and you are done.

With Do It Yourself website builders, dedicated ecommerce platforms, and plenty of tools and plugins, setting up an ecommerce website today is only slightly more involved than sending out an email.
Add the surging popularity of WordPress to the mix, and your choices are seemingly way too many.

As Raelene Morey of Wpmu Dev  notes, WordPress powers about 26% of the Internet and is that number is expected to climb to 30% by 2017. Justin Timberlake to Sylvester Stallone stand by it, and WordPress is as trustworthy and popular as it comes.

WordPress comes with the famous 3-click, 5-minute install and as if that wasn’t enough, there’s an ever growing family of plugins, themes, and support going for it.

Chances are, you are already using WordPress. Or maybe you’ll soon do. You won’t even need any help to start off with WordPress.  Yet, there are times when you’d need to work with a WordPress developer in some capacity or the other.
Here are a few absolutely convincing reasons you need a WordPress Developer:

Time is Precious

Although WordPress seems to be pretty easy to get started with, when you actually roll your sleeves up and dig your hands in, it’s not going to be smooth sailing. Your hosting platform could act up, DNS needs propagation, and you’d need to research and deploy the right theme for your business.

While you are at it, you’d need to setup your site, do the necessary configurations, add CDN if you have to (You do know that site speed is critical for your business), establish proper security protocols for your site.
If you have multiple people collaborating as teams, you’d need to provision accounts for them.

The list just goes on. For busy entrepreneurs, time is the only thing they can’t ever get back.

You’d need a WordPress developer or an expert to help you get started when you don’t want to scratch your head with DNS issues and WordPress setup.

Customization Is Critical

For some businesses, picking a random theme off the marketplace and changing the logo just won’t do.

If it’s not the demands of the business itself, it could be the way you designed your marketing funnel. Or maybe you need specific elements on your site that a simple, five-page small business website can’t provide for.

For instance, a mortgage loan provider would need a customized calculator to help potential customers calculate mortgages. A financial consultant might want to design the website in a way that visitors can use financial calculators and then ask for quotes on loans or for a few financial products.

Doctors, dentists, and other professionals will need an appointment booking engine.

Most other business would need customization for purposes of branding, for being unique, and for a host of other reasons).

When you do need to customize, you just don’t want to tinker with WordPress core.

Setup & design is only the beginning

You forget that setting up your WordPress site and designing or customizing the site is only the beginning. Real results from your WordPress website comes from how your digital marketing strategy is setup.

  • How often do you blog?
  • How do you use social media to amplify your blogs and also connect with others?
  • Do you use email marketing? How do you gain new subscribers?

The better your digital marketing setup and execution is, the more likely you are to see results from your WordPress website

That leads to a question: If you have to do all that, there better be someone else to manage to the technical aspects of WordPress such as maintenance, hosting, core upgrades, plugin management, security, and more.

Better conversions com from Continuous Tweaks

Stewart Rogers of VentureBeat notes  that interest on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is increasing steadily over the years.

There’s a good reason for that. Once upon a time, traffic was the holy grail. In the world of digital marketing, if you could get traffic, you could make money.

As Neil Patel writes . Traffic is now a vague concept (throw bots in, for good measure). Conversions are more important today. As business sense would have it, your efforts will now center around increasing sales and email subscribers.

Additionally, you’d also look at branding, reputation, earned backlinks, popularity, impressions, and more.

Now, Conversion rate optimization isn’t just about landing pages; it also pertains to websites. Every visitor on any of your pages is on top of your funnel and it’s your job to ensure that these visitors tread down the funnel and you make sales happen.

For that, you’d need to test your pages (A/B testing) on a continuous basis, gather enough data, and make design decisions based on that data. What usually follows is a relentless endeavor to make the website sweat it out to convert better.

Good WordPress developers (or WooCommerce developers) who also come with a keen eye for conversion optimization, marketing, funnels, and a firm understanding of digital marketing on the whole can be a great addition to your team.

What you do with your website determines how profitable you are going to be.

Do you have a WordPress web developer on your team yet?