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Web development was never as easy as it became after WordPress played its role in the Web Development industry. Designing a website used to be a significantly specialized task. After WordPress was introduced, however, it became nearly as easy as surfing through a website.

WordPress is a software that provides its users easy ways and themes to build their websites from. If you are using WordPress to build your website, you are basically avoiding all the back end coding and front-end designing and just dragging and dropping functionalities. Everything eventually integrates and you get a standard, functional website without even knowing basic programming.

WordPress has themes available for its users to select and everything else just follows. You get all the functionalities, objects, designs etc. in the theme you chose and all you need to do is integrate things. Hence, at the end of the day, whatever you put in your website goes with the overall outlook of your website.


WordPress themes are several files and programs that work together to give your website the design and functionality, so you do not have to code or design anything separately.

All the hundreds and thousands of free WordPress themes available on WordPress.org Theme Directory follow a standard. This standard contains everything a website should and could have. Thus, no matter what theme you select according to your idea’s suitability, the final face of your website will always be on the standard required.

A WordPress theme solely decides the front end look and feel of your website. Basically, this is how your website would look on the outside and what a visitor would see. There are a lot of factors you can base your selection of a WordPress theme on, as all of them give a different overall look. They also offer options to change and choose styles of multiple things inside a theme according to your requirement. For instance:

  1. The overall style of the website, that is, the design, can be changed.
  2. Multiple font styles available inside one theme.
  3. Page layouts can be set according to what pleases you.
  4. Different colors are available.
  5. Numerous different styles for blog posts are there to choose from.
  6. Additional stylistic details.
wordpress theme development

Custom WordPress Development Services:

Despite the fact that there are a huge number of predefined themes available in WordPress, a lot of websites are made using custom themes for WordPress. Everyone wants their website to be exceedingly unique yet according to their requirements.

You might use a theme that is already available, but you would certainly have to make some compromises in something or the other. Plus, will it actually provide you the “unique” look you want for your website? Nope, it would not. Just like you, a predesigned theme will suit a lot of other users and they can select it for their website, too. If this happens, your website is left with almost no uniqueness.

This is exactly why we offer custom WordPress development services to all our users. The custom WordPress development services allow you to design your website exactly your way. It makes sure the final product you make is completely synchronized with how you visualized your website to be.

Our customize WordPress theme development services give you a way greater free hand over your website’s structure, design, and development than standard themes. There are a whole lot of features you cannot change and amend if you choose a free theme from WordPress. However, our custom WordPress development services are something totally in contrast to this.

Services offered as a package in custom WordPress development services are numerous. Everything is done according to your requirements, needs and wants. Every wish you have is worked upon and made a reality.

The most significant of all the services provided is the development of different plug-ins for different features you want on your website. Every feature you dictate to the team will have a separate plug-in for it. This allows for a wider range of possibilities. Any sort of feature the client desires can be easily incorporated by making its plug-in. Hence, none of your requirements or wishes is impossible.

Furthermore, these services also include optimization of the website for SEO. This service intelligently directs visitors to your website, eventually increasing traffic on it. It makes your website more popular in lesser time.

Along with this, your website can have multi-faceted themes if you choose the custom WordPress development services instead of predesigned, standard themes. Other than that, features such as high-end graphics and responsiveness are a part of these services, as well.

All in all, our developers and programmers lend you the facility of going out of the box and being as versatile with your requirements as you can. You can choose to make your website as fluffy and filling as you want or keep it simple yet informative and attractive.

Our award winning developers precisely know how to convert your requirements into a website feature. After a 10 years experience, we are certain that customization along with WordPress platform is the best your business can get.



You’re not really creating something new when you use a template for your site. It’s not unique and there will be so many other sites with the exact same design. Sometimes you want to find something and you go back through your history but you cannot remember which site you were looking for because there is nothing memorable or unique to make it stand out.

You don’t want that. You want your website to leave a mark on people’s minds. You want to create something so outstanding that visitors can recognize it in the very first look.

This is exactly why it is a good idea to spend money in creating a custom look. Along with giving something memorable for the visitor to remember, you also get the option of choosing the aspects of the design that meet the needs of your audience.

Custom designs also allow you to integrate your personality into the design. Being unique in life and in online marketing are both very beneficial.

Clean Code:

Sometimes templates do not have the clean code that you should have for your website. Different designers have different levels of understanding and experience when it comes to best coding practices. If you must choose a template, make sure you choose one wisely, because sometimes templates can produce a really bad code too.

Usually, when people choose a good developer or designer, they get a much cleaner code for their site. This is essential if you want your site to work on mobile and on different browsers, and perform better for search engines as well.

Another issue that comes with templates is that the coding sometimes interacts negatively with some plugins. You will not have to worry about plugins if you have a clean code. If you have a good developer, he can easily include what you need without using a plugin.

Your Choices:

When you are making a website, you want the ability to choose and make decisions about everything. Most people want to control the following things:

  • Footer displays
  • The way images are displayed
  • Page to page layouts
  • Blog page layout
  • Font sizes and colors
  • Display of blog excerpt
  • Homepage layout
  • Contact form options
  • Coding in sidebars
  • Slider (width, height, speed, images, linking from images, text)

If you like things a certain way and want your website to be exactly like you want, remember that templates do not always let you have the control you want. On the other hand, WordPress customize themes give you complete control over everything that is visible on your website. Custom WordPress theme designers always ensure that everything is consistent with your business’ requirements.


It is understandable that many people do not really want to spend money on customized websites for now but there is no reason why one should not. Today’s world is digital, it is more online than physical. Therefore, an influential, persuasive online presence today is not a bonus in this age, it is compulsory.

Influential online presence increases your credibility and targets masses you cannot physically reach. It is usually after your website creates a propelling impact on the visitors that they hit your office and not the other way round.

Propelling impact, as aforementioned, is created when a website meets user needs. And as obvious as it is, a template will not take care of your users as something specifically designed for your users will. Thus, website customization holds immense significance. A template can never be as good as a customized website specially designed for your purpose, your business.

If cost worries you, you can start your thing with a basic template and then save up to grow it into a customized website. We develop WordPress theme that are scalable and can easily be expanded when needed. Always remember, a customized website will bring in way more than what you invest in its development. This is a repeatedly tested rule of thumb.


  1. Customized Themes: Our developers are experts in understanding your branding needs and matching them with custom WordPress theme. They are skilled at WordPress theme customization and meet all your requirements with the custom theme on WordPress.
  2. Immaculate Design: We create outstanding website looks and generate exceptional results by taking full advantage of templates, template tags, and WordPress Loop.
  3. Style Switcher: We use this process to take benefit of a theme of a style switcher or to interchange between two website layouts. This enables the website owners to change the appearance of their websites according to their liking.
  4. 100% Standard Themes: Using standard coding for your WordPress theme development is a regular practice for us. This includes error-free PHP, valid HTML, and clean and valid CSS.
  5. Error-Free Markups & Coding: Using error-free coding and markups, we make sure you have an edge over your competitors by having themes that are devoid of errors.
  6. SEO Friendly Coding: We use SEO-friendly coding and Meta tags to improve the visibility of your website. Your site will get higher ranking in search engines with your semantic coding.
  7. Cross-Browser Compatibility: The theme we create will bring potential visitors on your website. Our team ensures this by determining cross-browser compatibility.
  8. 100% Client Satisfaction: It is against our values to compromise on the quality of the themes or the needs of our clients.
  9. Ensure Widget Support: A lot of website owners want an additional functionality in the theme without tempering the code. Understanding this, we offer the widgets that enhance the functionality of your site.
  10. Competitive Pricing: Get the greatest returns of your investment with our competitively priced WordPress theme development services featuring reliability, robustness, and scalability.
  11. 24/7 Technical Support: Our customer-focused personnel is available 24/7 to cater all your queries regarding our services.
  12. Proven Methodology: We incorporate innovation in true methodologies that we have tested earlier with our assorted clients. This further equips us with relevant expertise.
  13. Skilled Developers: Our WordPress developers are skilled with latest industry standards and technologies. They are experts at developing WordPress themes and hiring them will be your first step towards uninterrupted expansion.
  14. Pixel Perfect Design: Our highly skilled WordPress theme designers create flawless designs from scratch and ensure that they are tailor made, pixel perfect, and div based.


Theme Development:
We provide you fully-featured and responsive WordPress theme development for your site so that you can start functioning right away.

Upgrade Ready:
We understand that you want your site to contain the latest of features. The themes we deliver are perfectly and very easily upgradable whenever there is a WordPress update.

Plugin Development:
Our WordPress plugin development service ensures most seamless and effective customization of your site and pitches it for uninterrupted growth.

Our team of developers possesses all-inclusive experience and across-the-board skills to deliver unique and versatile themes to you.

After Service Support:

Our representatives are here for you 24/7 to ensure all your questions and needs are addressed.
We’re always available to maintain and customize your website – you’d never even think of calling another company.
For clients who require some other services, we have packages in many other areas of web design and development.
We let our clients discuss and explain their target, so the developer can give suggestions about the methods that can help them achieve the desired goals.
You will get to choose if you want the developer to update the content or you want to do it yourself.
You can hire the developer to design content for your website and then make modifications quarterly or monthly while you determine what works the best for you.


  1. Your WordPress custom theme requirements are collected:

Requirements engineering and analysis is the most important phase in web development. No product can satisfy a customer unless it is built exactly how the customer requires. And for that clear and detailed requirements are to be collected from the customer. High emphasis is put on this phase and therefore, the results satisfy our clients completely.

  1. The requirements are converted into design:

All the requirements are then put into a frame and given a shape of a website. Every style, design, layout, color combination and everything else is developed as the user mentions in the requirement gathering phase and then they are logically integrated together to give a picture of a standard, well-organized, coherent website. This is very much doable as the professional WordPress theme developers and programmers working with us can convert every kind of requirement into a specification or functionality.

  1. A well-tested, complete project is delivered within time:

The designed product is then tested until it requires no further amendments. All the bugs, problems, and loopholes are removed and a final product is served to the customer before the given time period ends. We take special care of the deadline because we are aware of the fact that the user plans everything else according to the date the website gets functional on.

  1. Maintenance and follow-ups:

Maintenance of a website is as essential as developing a website that fulfills customer requirements completely. Every website needs to be updated with the changing nature of the internet, information, market demands and the business itself. Our technical support is available 24/7 to entertain our users at any point in time. For us, maintenance of a functional website possesses higher priority than developing one.

WordPress has completely changed the way websites are developed and designed in today’s modern era. A WordPress theme is simply a collection of files that work together to give your its appearance and functionality. Here at webdeveloper.sydney, we cooperate with you on every single step in the design phase to ensure that you have a custom theme for your brand’s website. We stay in constant communication with you during (and after) the theme has been developed to make sure that everything is up to the mark of your requirements.