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How to find a good magento developer

The very first thing to consider before you begin to search for a developer for Magento is what your requirement is precisely. By doing this step, you would easily be able to discover the right individual who would assist in your situation.

Regardless of this statement that ‘Magento’ is the finest open-source platform with a unique content management system, it is also reflected to be one of the superfluous complex E-Commerce settings accessible nowadays.

When it is matched with substitutes like Open-Cart and Shopify, Magento is extremely skillful in terms of Search Engine Optimisation, user competences, adjustments and customized content, product kinds, automatic orders and consignments, up-sell, vouchers, gift programs, and what the total is simply limitless.

However with opportunities comes complication, which makes Magento more appropriate for web developers and very tough to set-up and operate it individually.

Even though using Magento Platform on a consistent basis might be in general direct, kick starting the first configuration and expansion of a Magento E-Commerce trade, irrespective of its dimension, it is possibly finest done by a Magento professional. Having said that, to find a good Magento web developer is not always an easy task, and this is the point where we come in to assist you. This article is going to take a closer look at what it needs to hire a Magento developer and overview some main points to bear in mind when finding for your ideal Magento web developer.



Obviously, candidates should have an experience working with multiple application – the more applications the better it is! I genuinely endorse looking for Magento Accreditations and ‘Magento U’ Certifications they have been to as well. Magento courses are put together by professional Engineers and taught by selected most qualified Magento specialists, and all of these courses comprise exercises so contestants can instantly put into rehearsal what they have learned. Our courses are built to test these practical skills needed for job and they reveal a developer’s capability. The amount they made in their profession by taking a session or getting accreditation validates a great level of commitment and devotion, and recognizing applicants with Magento drill or accreditations up-front could aid you thin down the ground.



Do you require somebody for one thing on your website or someone to make on-going variations?

This is a vital concern because particular developers may have the time to get done something small however may not be vacant to work with you for the long-term project.

Manifold people blunder online stores in actual and sites generally to be a static framework that works on its specifics. It is true that if put together appropriately, sale procedures should become automatic in a way that does not need much on the front of programmer. Although, you should mention your online-store as an active unit that could become unpleasant with worms or viruses, attacked by unfriendly hackers or merely not functioning well at times. There are moreover consistent updates and license up gradations for themes and extension lead, or you only have new-fangled notions and visage to be added in the upcoming. Consider that appointing a new web developer would always need a novel learning curve, so at the bottommost, you would like your programmer to keep on accessible for problematic situations in the long run.

As you ponder employing somebody for an ongoing project, be always sure that they do have enough open time to work with you as a client of yours. If they do not have time, it does not matter how noble of a developer they are, they would not be able to deliver the desired outcomes. Likewise, developers may be looking only for a long-term binder and may not like to work only on small projects.

In every case, it is better to test a designer with a small task first, previously from hiring them to work for the long term projects. Do advise them that this is a test project and if you are happy with their work, you would sign a contract for long-term.



Formerly, you kickoff communicating with developers and inquiring for quotes, you should spend the time to form a detailed plan entailing all your needs and requirements written down on a page. You do not need to turn out to be a Magento expert yourself, however, be informed of the fundamentals because they would be really supportive in understanding the pivotal points, problems and sugary spots of your virtual store. Read the learners guide to Magento to get acquainted with the nuts and bolts to assist you with your idea and the whole thing that follows it along the course. You must as well have a quite vibrant understandings of your main concern, time tables, and obviously, your financial plan. Expert web developers would take you faraway more completely if they see you have already done your research as well. Keep on up-dated and intricate all along the web development course is the key to success.



Be always alert of that a freelancer could just do so much. Single person may not have all the competences that you require for your project. That’s why you might need to go bigger and hire an agency.

You may pick to hire manifold freelancers, however in the end, you would also need to devote more time supervising them all. Meanwhile, a web developing agency would have an enthusiastic project manager who ensures that your project is completed in time with excellence. Generally, agency can do a better job, however they also charge you with a high price. If you would like to get help just from an individual or 2 people it is alright to recruit freelancers. Above all that, it is better to hire an agency for your project.



It may be a cliché, however you only get what you pay for. You cannot expect an outstanding job from the inexpensive developer from India.

There are uncountable conditions when businesses hired the low-priced talent only to grasp, these developers cannot deliver. Afterwards they paid the price to hire another, more capable people to get their extremely poor quality code which results out, in the conclusion, to be much more costly.

Meanwhile, you do not always require to hire the most costly designer to be sure they will provide quality on their abilities. To know what type of a person you require always assess your project.

Ensures whether the task needs an expert developer? If it is not so complex, it can be given to someone less skilled?

Do keep in mind that the place of the designer matters as well when price is concerned. Developers who live in US would charge $65-$80 hour, however you may get the similar quality from East Europe, they charge $20-$30 per hour. Prepare a list of skills developer needs to have – It is truly vital to be conscious of accurately what type of expertise and understanding your developer must have.

What type of language do they need to know? What type of outlines does he/she work with? Does he/she work with your outline? Do know that every novel form of Magento needs a new outline. What are the finest residences to find Magento developers?

Once you know what type of designer you need for your collection, it is time to really find him. It is believed that these are the finest places to find a good Magento developer.


The greatest place to start is to inquire from your friends and associates if they do know a good Magento developer to get your job done. They would be pleased to endorse someone they have been using and are contented with. Think through developers only if your contacts have been working with them. You would not like somebody only because your networks have heard he is a good developer. By appointing somebody that has already been tested, you reduce your risks. The benefit of this method is that you may not be able to get a good designer only from your associates.


Go through the profiles of developers on the Magento site. You could see some of the clienteles they have worked for, right from this profile and experience a noble feel for their scope. You would as well be able to go through directly to their own websites.

Magento has a countless Solution associate community that could aid you with all types of employments. These partners have right of entry to trainings, maintenance and services from Magento to make sure they would do a great job with the project for you. Obviously, these corporations charge high prices than normal, therefore you need to be responsive of that. You could sieve Solution partners by places like region (Europe) or a country (Canada and specialization (PHP)) to discover the one that paramount suits your requirements.



Magento Certification directory allows you to search and find web developers that have been certified by Magento. In addition to that, you recognize these people have skills and are expert. The alteration with this is that here, you truly find people, not corporations. This means you have an improved chance to find an individual developer. You can likewise use the directory to look if your probable developer is certified or not.

The Magento Company runs online training courses to verify web developers using the Magento platform for those who wish to authenticate their practical skills. Magento Certificated Examinations are offered toward specialists who would like to distinguish themselves from the race, with Magento certificate, and that unaccompanied already says to some degree about how solemn they are about their effort.

There are numerous types of accreditation that vary according to the kind of skill available within the Magento platform. For instance, a Magento Solution Professional is someone who can proficiently bring into line business purposes with Magento functions and enhance the use of built-in visage, out of a profound understanding of business generally and E-Commerce precisely. Further kinds of accreditations include Magento certified web developer, specialized front end developer, Developer-plus, Moderator kit and a community learning group accreditation. Certified Magento web developers should have any of these signs on their site as a solid proof of their qualifications.



Websites like ‘Upwork’ and ‘Freelancer’ have databases of thousands of Magento developers of which manifold are certified as well.

Only by posting a job there you could get 100 people interested in your project at a time. However you need to spend additional time to search for the good web developers because loads of developers are available there. You could also do a search by yourself and invite the web developers as well that you would like to apply for your job. Be sure to check-out reviews and feedbacks so you are sure that you are employing the right developer. The worthy news is that people on these sites do charge less than those on Magento partners for solution and its certification directory.



Professional web developers visit industry Magento events where they linkage and learn about how the platform is developing further. They would like to be updated on the latest trends of development and to talk ideas with their coworkers.

This is the reason why it is believed to be the finest places to meet worthy web developers. As an advantage you may learn interesting points about the platform by yourself. Magento has a page where they post the events they organize. You could also check within your resident community for events that are going on.

Furthermore, one of the superlative ways to discover an expert Magento development agency or an individual web developer is to appear in seminars and tradeshows. This is a prodigious opportunity to meet prospective agencies and to measure their appropriateness with your job and corporation. Provisional to the event, it correspondingly offers peace of mind because you know that freelancer and inexpert web developers undoubtedly would not be capitalizing in booths or be requested to speak at conferences.



Manifold web developers are available on Twitter and they are constantly tweeting about Magento developments. You may as well tweet that you are looking for a web developer by using hash-tags such as #Magento or #Magentodeveloperjobs. You would be surprised how many replies you get and inquire for further details about the project.


As with everything, the greatest way to find a web developer that suits your needs is to request for approvals from an associate you trust, preferably somebody from your own industry. If you do not have coworkers to help you, try querying third party service suppliers, such as your hosting organization or your cost accountant. If you do not have associates to mention you, try discovering your contacts on LinkedIn, an abundant platform for hiring professionals in any arena, even if you are not diligently connected. At the slightest part, LinkedIn is a good source to finding a Magento web developer that may be linked to people you may know.

This is one more place where you would be able to find worthy web developers. On LinkedIn you could openly look for people that have mentioned ‘Magento’ as an expertise and go through their profiles. You might as well join groups such as ‘Magento Web Developers’ which has around more than 15,000 members and posts about your job available or ‘Magento Universe’ or one of numerous other LinkedIn groups.



Similar to LinkedIn and Twitter, there are Facebook groups that are devoted to the subject of Magento and its skills. Some of these groups are: Magento, and Magento Developers.



Most of good developers are likewise blogging about Magento Development. Look for which blogs are great and industry websites are, also check out who is writing the articles or blogs. Find numerous respectable authors and communicate with them straight by inquiring if they are open to take on a new project from you.

Finding a finest web developer is not an easy job however you could do it, if you follow the right stages. The superlative thing to do is to inquire for guidance from somebody who has already done it, to aid you screen applicants.



If you do have a giant financial plan for your projects, you could definitely look for influential names in the industry that are well knowledgeable and have a reliable, dependable and a consistent positive repute within the business. These would be well appreciated people who grace with their presence and possibly even speak at international sessions or people who post frequently about related topics on either a blog or on a social media, such as those stated on the list of Magento influential.