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Freelancer OR Web Design Company: How to Choose the Right Website Partner

Choosing an artistic website development bureau to partner with can look like a daunting procedure. An effortless Google search returns numerous alternatives, from freelance developers to great service agencies with thousands of accounts.

With ostensibly endless competitors outside there, it’s quite tricky to trace the right people to believe in when it comes to great talks and quoted success. And even how to effectively sift out the experts from the unprofessional or even scam, agencies around.

Website redesigning or redevelopment can really be expensive, and mishandling any of the project milestones can bring tragic financial implications to your business. Spending less cash doesn’t necessarily mean you have nabbed the best deal. Instead taking an in-depth outlook and analyzing the serious long-standing value of company quotes and tariffs can be more profitable in the long run.

But what is the perfect choice for your business or company?


Try identifying a professional agency that has the desirable expertise in web development. While you don’t want to select an organization that has just designed a website for your major competitor, settling for an agency that’s highly experienced in building site resembling your own, either in terms of functionality, size, or sector, has an outstanding beneficial effect.


Be sure to find an agency that offers all the services you require. For instance, if you’re developing a website from scratch, you may have to spend lots of resources outsourcing design ideas to be used by an independent web developer. Utilizing a company that provides design, development, branding, and SEO services will be highly convenient and the outcome will definitely be incredible.


This may not seem so important, but it’s crucial knowing the size of the agency you intend to hire. A large, worldwide agency with multiple awards may tick lots of boxes, but when your business is quite small, you may experience difficulties navigating their lucrative accounts. A small local company may have the capability to provide similar services to those of bigger agencies at a small fraction of the cost. Even more, you’ll get access to single point contacts that will direct their focus towards clearly understanding your business.


It’s not only imperative to liaise with a company that works within your budget, it’s also worth understanding every detail included in all the quotes you receive. Several steps towards building an executive website are existent, including planning, design, technical development, and content optimization. Apparent costing estimates will enable you to evaluate the quotes you receive allowing you make further inquiries and ensure that everything is done according to your budget. This will also give you an insight of how the business performs its tasks.


After finding a suitable agency, ask them to supply you with samples of their previous work and testimonials or reviews from preceding or existing customers. A reliable agency will provide you with examples of top-notch works they have done, and if you’re impressed by what you see, you may go ahead and make a comprehensive decision.


Do you like those samples? That’s exactly what you’ll get from them, so don’t underestimate your instincts. An agency that really delivers, should ask copious as compared to what they ask. You certainly want them to challenge you, guide you and get deep under the skin of your own business. It’s good if you trust them and are ready to partner with them for all your work.

Pick an accurate choice for your business

When selecting the right web development agency for your company or business, don’t get agitated by flashy pictures and presentations. Concentrate on what’s significant to you and search for an agency that will fully comprehend your specific requirements and deliver them against your goals. Be certain to ask yourself:

  • Am I fond of them?
  • Does this bureau possess the right professionalism or expertise?
  • What exactly am I spending my money on?
  • Does this agency provide all the services my business requires?
  • How many specialists will tackle my project?
  • How big is the agency?
  • Who’ll be my major contact?
  • Are they in a position to provide recommendations and samples of their work?
  • Do I have full confidence in them?
  • Are they asking proper questions?

And, once you have considered all these questions, trust your instincts and make a wise decision.

Give Your Business an Online Overhaul
Whether you’re a start-up business or a business seeking to re-brand, you could be planning to stick out with the new website for several years. It can be alluring to get held up with the swift-moving contemporary trends, but it pays to be credible when making decisions on the online picture of your business.

The first things visitors will come across whenever they log in to your site are the home and category pages.  Ensure that your web design is crafted by a proficient digital agency that fully understands the user experience. Also, be sure to confirm that they offer powerful content and design that’s tailored towards engaging and capturing customers while significantly improving the conversion.

Don’t Be Deceived By Jargon

It’s very easy for digital bureaus to talk the faulty talk, especially in an environment filled with great computer jargons and buzzwords. Most companies don’t fulfill their promises regarding complete execution and optimization of their client’s websites. When it comes to selecting the right partner to transform your business ideas into tangible reality, it’s crucial to undertake an exhaustive evaluation in order to pick the most qualified candidate for your project.

Don’t rush. Take your time to avoid being blackmailed. Choose an agency does the following:

  • Understands clients and conversions
  • Possess reputable online command and agency history
  • Has considerable online reviews or recommendations
  • Offers superior design, development, and digital website installations
  • Provides high-quality coding standards

If you find a professional company to handle your work, your business will definitely stand a better chance of becoming visible.  People visiting your site will believe in your brand and will always want to work with you.


Who is going to design and build your website?

First: The freelancer.

Freelancers have the following advantages and disadvantages:


They are cheap
Freelancers are undoubtedly cheap and affordable as compared to full-time or part-time employees.  They’re much cost effective since you only pay for what they’ve actually done-hence none of your funds get wasted on downtime.

They can handle larger volumes of work
Freelancers have the freedom to schedule their tasks, which implies that they can do work at their own convenience. They are capable of working more hours on jobs, either long-term or whenever necessary. Since they create their own schedules, they won’t have to call out at any instance. If they have appointments in the morning, for instance, they can simply decide to work at night. Their schedule schedules are extremely flexible, so your work gets completed no matter what comes along the day.

They focus on one area of specialization
Generally, freelancers specialize in certain jobs, and that’s exactly the reason why you hire them. Content writers have exceptional expertise in writing content. Web designers develop websites. The greatest advantage is that they’re really proficient at what they deliver. Even besides educational certifications, freelancers do the same jobs over and over, hence boosting


They Can Disappear
The main trouble with freelancers is that they can easily disappear. This especially applies to distance freelancers with whom you work via the internet. Things work perfectly for a while. Every project gets submitted on time, and the job is of premium quality. Then suddenly something happens. And it’s very difficult to understand what happens, but ultimately deadlines are violated, quality drops, and finally, people disappear.  Though those people can readily be replaced, it turns out to be a real mess that’s not easy to clean up.

You have to undertake an initial risk
At first, you’ve to bear a significant risk when hiring freelancers. You’re not sure if they will deliver quality work as they claim. Will they meet timely deadlines? Will their services be worth the payment I am making and are they really experts?

A detailed interview comes in just a few steps.  It begins with an application of the job posting by the freelancer, and you checking on their query letters.  Then, you ask for previous work samples to serve as testimonials of the freelancer’s writing capabilities. However, this can be fake information and that’s where the risk chips in. Finally, it’s imperative to conduct a phone or video interview, so that you can confirm the freelancer’s credibility.

How to Hire Freelancers
Once, you analyze the pros and cons of freelancing, and you’re ready to hire them, you can find them on several online platforms. It’s advisable to hire freelancers via highly-established sites.  Numerous independent contractors are available to help you find the best writers.

Second: The web company/agency
The web company comes with the following merits and demerits:


The best thing about contracting a professional web development company is that you are able to access an entire multi-faceted team that is ready and able to accommodate all of your web design, web development, and online marketing needs. In addition, since your project is going to be delivered by a single team, chances of your final products looking more consistent as well as polished are higher than if you were to hire multiple freelancers that aren’t working together.

Speed, Experience plus Efficiency
Professional web agencies have accumulated invaluable website experience by working as a team to deliver comprehensive, premium services to their customers. They are good at delivering continuous workflow, can leverage each other’s output, and can precisely predict the required resources as well as time to execute your objectives and goals. And if your schedule is tight, a professional web development agency is the best when it comes to meeting your specific needs.

Service and Support
On the same line, a professional web development agency is the best in offering ongoing support like SEO, emergent marketing techniques, and user feedback analysis for future versions. So, depending on your projects scope, you can count on agencies to deliver more results than individual freelancers.  This is vital in the sense that today’s web development projects are becoming increasingly complex, increasing the chances of overlapping with other business segments.


Generally, hiring an agency is more expensive that contracting an independent freelancer to execute your web development projects. However, the fact that web development agencies are able to offer multiple services as a package to deliver the best quality within your timeframes, it can be argued that they offer the highest value for your money.

Having to arrange a meeting with professional web development agencies who have physical offices can be tiresome and inconvenient. However, the introduction of contemporary tools such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Cvent, and Google Hangout, meetings as well as any emergency can be handled remotely.

The six queries to ask when hiring a great web design agency
Shopping around for the finest web design companies can be an overwhelming task. Whether you’ve encountered a terrible experience with an earlier web designer, or you’re planning to set up another spanking site, there are several questions to take into consideration when selecting the best agency partner. They include:

  1. What kind of services does your firm offer? This is vital. While a team dedicated to providing web development is incredible, an agency capable of providing additional services to aid in driving traffic and huge conversions for your website can really be perfect. Depending on your specific demands, web development, ecommerce solutions, hosting, digital marketing, and copywriting services are what you should be looking for. These are diversified services requiring totally unique skill sets.
  2. How much do your services cost? A web development company is very distinct from employing an individual to develop your website. With a professional agency, you anticipate to finding the whole package. You have to ensure that the analysis, design, development, and management services are affordable. Inquire about the team members, timelines, and how much the web projects are billed at. Does it entail a flat rate with a comprehensive agreement? Does a clearly stipulated billing process for additional features and off-scope activities exist? The higher the transparency up front, the lesser the unpleasant surprises down the line.
  3. How does your business structure look like? Two different types of agencies are existent: one will involve in-house professionals who work with you hand-in-hand until the project is over; the other kind of web development agency outsources freelancers for most of the design work. Depending on your needs, this could be an awesome deal breaker.
  4. What measures do you utilize in building a new website? The design process typically entails five distinct stages: recognition, design, development, execution, and evaluation. Before initiating the design, an experienced agency will thoroughly evaluate your competitor’s strategies, and discover your website’s strongholds and define specific areas of improvement. The detection process usually begins with several meetings to establish the appropriate core functions, realize the end-user journey, convention integrations, and strategies on how the design cover all your marketing and branding objectives.
  5. How will your web partner manage your project? Your website can only be successful if the web developer is able to embrace phenomenal communication, has a proactive management team leader, and has a highly skilled team of web designers, web developers, and marketers. The company or freelancer in question should have a clear protocol in addressing your issues as well as giving you progressive project updates.
  6. What are the methodologies to be used in tackling your project? From the start to the end, it is important to understand your agency’s methodology for web development projects. This will enable you to culture enough confidence in the people you are entrusting to execute your project. You should also work with then for the delivery of the best results. Remember, good vibes are vital on intricate big projects like website development or design. If you realize some devious procedures in their approach, don’t just run. Run fast!

Last: it all depends on your careful evaluation

Your designer should not just be your developer. He should be part of your digital marketing team. He/she should be in a position to work with you in delivering your business goals as well as objectives. Therefore, ensure that you shop around for the best web developer who understands your goals and objectives to catapult your business to the next level.

Be smart

Ultimately, there’s no absolute right answer when it comes to choosing the best web development partner to undertake your project. You may find it difficulty in choosing between professional web development agency and an independent freelancer. In a nutshell, a freelance will perform best if you hire him/her for a specialized task. On the other hand, a professional web development agency is best when it comes to delivering absolute digital solutions, particularly when your project isn’t completely defined.

Remember, it all depends on your project and your specific needs. Carefully evaluate your objectives, goals, timeline, the in-house skill-sets, as well as budget. Then utilize them as a basis for finding the best possible web development partner for your web project.