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How to Optimise Website Strategically

A powerful and optimized website is a significant component in your marketing scheme for a successful online or offline business. The role of a web developer is indispensable especially for startup and growing businesses. A well-thought and professionally designed website becomes the main asset of every business owner. Thus, it is imperative that you hire a professional web development consultant, particularly if you are not savvy in everything virtual or digital. One of the most promising ways to enhance your website is through rebranding and redesigning your site. You will see a phenomenal increase in your conversion rate and sales growth.


First Steps for Web Development

Your end goal should be the starting point if you are thinking of a strategic website design. It is the task of a certified and experienced web developer to help you out with this crucial endeavor. Web development specialists focus on strategic steps as integral components to facilitate the execution of an organizational strategy. The keystone of your branding and communication is your company website. Maximize the capacity of your site in order to launch your product or service, raise awareness, generate leads, and share and convey your message to your target market.

A web developer comes up with an effective strategic plan in order to optimize their client’s website. Nowadays, the Internet is becoming more competitive and challenging for contemporary businesses. A web development expert makes sure that the design of your website is caters to the goals of your visitors. Most importantly, your site must ensure that it can persuade your visitors to take action and eventually convert to sales and profits.

Strategically designed websites from a licensed web developer include components that allow the following goals or activities:

  • Purchase a product or service
  • Sign up for your email list
  • Apply for a job
  • Spend time learning or reading
  • Enter your sales funnel
  • Donate money or make an investment
  • Contribute something creative or content

These specific actions serve as the guideline of the web developer in the process of website planning.


Highly Focused and Strategic Website Designs

Web development, particularly website designing, makes the site highly focused. It prevents elements and pages that are quite disruptive of the main goal or objective of the site. The website element or page should follow a specific purpose that facilitates the achievement of your goal. An expert web developer makes sure that the webpage or a good landing page is rid of any external links which directs your visitors off the main site.


Important Note:

A good landing page or webpage has no element or content that misleads the visitors where they don’t want to go. Professional web development specialists are trained in order to make your page focus on just a single goal, which is your business objective. A web developer also designs a page that directs your visitors to sign up and join your email list.


List of Top Website Strategies

A great website strategy and plan makes a world of difference for your business. It could mean boosting your sales growth and revenue over time. Hiring a web developer takes you closer to your business goals through an effective and professionally designed website. How does web development strategists make this possible then?


Here are the top strategies for effective site optimization:



A web developer is also your website creator. The design phase includes the creation of wireframes that are essential for the writing content and main pages. What are the elements that are necessary in designing and developing your website?

  • Imagery. Today’s web users mainly want to get information fast and hassle-free. Most lead a fast-paced life thus reading texts in your website is the least of their options. You can instead replace long texts and paragraphs with images, photos, and graphics. Imagery can also inject a sense of fun and interest in your site visitors. The images in your website design reflect your brand theme and other essential variables.
  • Web Content. It is also the task of a web developer to provide quality and helpful contents in the site. There is a balance between texts, images, and videos in your web pages. These are all vital components that could boost your sales, generate web traffic, and ensure higher conversion rates.
  • Web Design Optimisation. A satisfactory web development output basically optimizes your page, making it more efficient, responsive, and helpful to customers. The web developer uses various tools such as software prototypes to enhance the site performance. There are several ways on how to optimize your website designing such as making the site compatible to multiple browsers. Old pages are redirected to the right new pages. Optimized sites also have user-friendly or custom 404 pages. Most importantly, users can easily subscribe to your email list, blog, and the likes.



A web developer is trained to test on various web elements and determine which does and doesn’t effectively work to generate leads and ensure conversion rates. There are 4 factors that are necessary to establish a website redesign strategy:

  1. Determine your Goals

The most important thing about web redesign is to initially find out the main purpose of the redesigning project. Know the measurable outcome and easily achievable results that could be derived from your objectives.

According to expert web developers, the top common goals among today’s business owners include:

  • Have an edge above your competition. Top notch web designs are geared towards tapping the unique value proposition or UVP of the company. The site content basically addresses certain problems and provides better solutions than the competition.
  • Maintain top spot in search engine ranking. A web developer creates a site that enables the website to secure a top spot in search engine result pages. Keeping your search engine ranking position allows you not to lose vital web leads and visits.
  • Reflect your brand identity. Professionally developed websites are accurate reflections of your brand’s overall identity and unique feature. It shows your target market what you can offer that others in your niche cannot deliver.
  • Boost leads and conversions. A web developer mainly works to manage and redesign your website with the core goal of increasing your generated leads. Your website is revamped in order to have higher conversion rates for sales and revenue growth. The redesign is geared towards boosting your web traffic and search engine ranking. It also increases interactive user engagement that leads to action.
  • Develop a responsive website. A lot of contemporary Internet users have mobile devices as their main source of connection. A professional web developer recognizes the shift in mobile device usage of your potential market. Thus, the web design is created in order to be compatible with mobile devices and ensure responsive interaction. There are bootstrap technologies that are used to suit output devices while maintaining content quality.
  1. Define your Brand

A web developer helps define or redefine your brand. It is the task of a web development expert to determine your brand message as well as the unique value proposition of the design. Defining your brand serves as a guideline where the redesigning process must start and end. The brand mission is an essential component that directs the web redesign platform. Web development specialists create a site that mirrors your business values and personalities.

  1. Pinpoint your Buyer and Buyer Persona

The main objective of redesigning your website is to ensure that it caters to your target market or audience. Experienced web developers make an analysis of your customers and potential buyers. The design must also help you convey your message to the right people in an effective way. Web development is also about knowing your buyer personas. This refers to the goals, limitations, and desires of your potential customers and website visitors. The buyer personas also guide your target market in their purchasing decisions.


Creating a Website with Emotional Design

A website’s emotional design evokes emotions in your visitors and leaves lasting impression. Expert web developers know how this work and how it could be integrated in your website redesign. When website visitors go to your site, they have an emotional experience and that sticks to them in a long-term and influential manner. Emotional experiences leave profound imprints on the user’s memory, creating a personal connection. It is one of the factors that guarantee customer preference and loyalty.


How a web development expert define web persona?

There are three essential areas that facilitate in the determination of a buyer’s persona:


  1. Traits

For instance, your brand personality is made unique through identifying your business traits. You may describe your brand as something that is humorous, friendly, and laidback rather than formal, sophisticated, and stiff. Customers relate to your brand when you personalize it with traits that are relevant to the products or services you offer.

  1. Voice

A web developer designs a website with the tone of voice that reflects the personality traits of the brand. For websites that choose a much friendlier and laidback approach, the voice should be less formal and the copy and messages are humorous.

  1. Visual

Contemporary web users and your potential customers are most likely more visual. Thus, it is imperative that you use images or characters that embody your brand’s personality traits. It is the task of the web developer to zero in on the ideal image or graphic that perfectly captures your brand traits. Visual representations further personalize your brand so that your target audience can better relate to it.


  1. Analyze your Competition

Relevant website redesigning gives you essential data such as the top-ranked competitors in your niche. Your web design should be able to help you distinguish your brand and make it stand out among the competition. A web developer understands the competition through careful analysis and monitoring. Competition analysis is a method that could help in the finalization of the redesign plan. The significant results of this process include determining what is working in your old web design and what does not have an impact at all. The strategic method identifies the variables that do and do not affect your search engine rankings and emotional connections.


Website Redesign Plan

A web developer project highlights important changes in rebranding and redesigning your website for better sales and revenues. There are elements that are integrated in the site that leads to a more successful website redesign:

  • Modernized business or brand logo
  • Brighter and more attractive colors
  • Friendly, catchy, and engaging typography
  • Enticing and fun imagery that makes visitors more comfortable in your site and encourages them to explore the site further
  • Mobile friendly and responsive pages
  • Call to action elements that guarantee an increase in signups for registration or free trial
  • Effective copy that matches the ideal voice for the brand; exploring inquiries and getting the right answers
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate interface as well as landing page layout, thus, inspiring visitors to learn more and act on your call to action


The Mood Board Strategy

A lot of contemporary web developers utilize the mood board, also known as inspiration board. It is a useful tool that is designed to establish the aesthetic feel of your website. Mood boards are usually helpful during the design process, specifically between the phases of wireframes and design mockups. Mood boards contain color palettes, typography, photography style, and patterns.


Perks of a Strategically Designed Website

Strategic and responsive website designs guarantee much better results and growth. Hire a web developer that will take care of this crucial component of your business. Nowadays, business owners put a lot of their resources to invest on web development projects. Is it worth every dollar you spend on web development solutions?

The upsides of a professionally designed and developed website with strategic plans are overwhelming. Here are some of the benefits your business is sure to enjoy with the help of a certified and trusted web developer:


Significant Increase in Sales and Conversions

Every business needs a website that functions as a sales tool. Potential clients and customers have an initial view and first impression of your business through whatever is in your website. A responsive, polished, and strategically designed website offers positive impact and a trustworthy imprint. Thus, the efficient work of your web developer leads to sales growth and better profit due to customer preference and loyalty.


Higher Return on Investment

One of the main goals of a web development project is to ensure higher ROI for your business. Why invest on a web developer if you cannot gain from your investment in the first place? Better web designs result to better customer experience when visiting your website. The positive experience of visitors has higher odds of converting to sales and profits. Therefore, you get a remarkable return for investing on your website revamp and upgrade.


Wider Audience Scope and Coverage

Strategic website planning maximizes available resources and integrates them into your site for better and optimized performance. The end product is better and wider audience scope and coverage, particularly in increasing your mobile or tablet user market. The web developer updates your website and makes it compatible to various browsers and mobile devices. The most advanced web designs no longer redirect users to separate mobile websites. There are also resolution-specific contents that users can easily access without reloading the page or getting redirected to another page.


Time-Saving Content Management

It is imperative to hire a web developer if you want to make your work much easier without sacrificing the site efficiency. Strategically designed and updated websites are fully equipped with content management system or CMS. The web development specialist creates a template that is easy to handle for fast and efficient content management. There are strategic web designs that allow owners to create a single content that is applicable for web and mobile versions. The website framework becomes simple to handle, saving you time and energy in managing your site activities.


Future-Proofs your Website

Modern web development enables and empowers your website, allowing it to adapt the content in various resolutions and screen sizes. Therefore, your website works in different devices and platforms, even when apps and browsers are upgraded in the future. A web developer makes sure that your web design is flexible and caters to different changes in software and hardware. Responsive websites for instance have this capacity to cope with the constantly changing virtual world.


Staying Ahead of the Competition

One of the best perks of a professionally optimized website with strategic planning is that you have a competitive edge. No matter how stiff the competition may be, your website stays on top of the SERP ranking. An experienced web developer helps you stay one step ahead of the competition in your niche.

Staying on top of your game in the online business world is a tough challenge to take. Without the right help, particularly from an expert web developer, you can never go far. Consult a web development specialist today for more details.