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Top Signs that Shout Your Company Needs a Full Website Redesign

The company website is the outlet of your business for new leads. As the gateway of the company, it is imperative to look for solutions that guarantee a better and stronger site. This is where web development comes in handy. The future of your business highly relies on the quality of your website. Consumers basically make significant buying decisions based on what they experience online, particularly in your company site. Low sales and conversion rates are just mere indicators that your website is not working as it should. Hence, the question on whether you should or should not make a website refresh.


How does a website serve a crucial role for your business?

Websites serve as an anchor for your company. A web development service gives your site a remarkable edge over the competition. The main goal of the online marketing campaign is to ensure that you maximize the full potentials of your website. Hire a web developer if you have proof that it is doing otherwise.

What exactly are the functions of your website as to the company sales and revenues? First, the website basically establishes the brand through offering vital details regarding your product or service. A professional web development solution could provide the information that online visitors are looking for. Sufficient information from your website ultimately generates quality leads that have high potentials for conversion.

Is web development the solution?

The company website serves as the core component of any sound and effective marketing strategy. Nonetheless, no matter how it is initially designed, there is no guarantee that your first website design could adapt and cope with the changes in the future. Web development solutions make sure that your site is upgraded in order to cater to the evolution and demand of industry standards. Your buyer personas change and the virtual trends may shift, thus making your website content irrelevant and inefficient.

There is a need to optimize and modify your business website in order to make it up to par in meeting the goals of your company. If not, there is a surefire need for a full website revamp. A web development service includes a website redesign. Does your site need an update right now? How would you know that it actually does?


Top Signs that Shout Full Website Redesign

Redesigning and rebranding are two major overhauls for your company website. It takes time, money, and the expertise of trained web development specialists. If you are still on the fence regarding website refresh, take another minute and browse through the surefire signs that say an overhaul is a timely solution.


Increasingly Higher Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of what is referred to as single-page sessions. It means that a visitor comes to your website and leaves without any interaction on your site. The website’s dashboard in Google Analytics provides the metrics that determine your website bounce rate. High bounce rate is a surefire sign that calls for timely web development, specifically website revamp.


What does high bounce rate means?

For instance, high bounce rate is equivocal to a scenario where the visitor did not have a good online experience in your site. The site visitor basically failed to find the things they were looking for. Without the right web development solution, your potential customer may also become overwhelmed with what they see in your site. Moreover, they did not get quite a good first impression when they clicked your site and explored. Good websites that have lower bounce rate usually have below 40% rating. These sites are easy to navigate, simple, and generally have 2 to 3 complementing colors.


Website is Not Responsive

Contemporary and more effective sites are basically responsive. It means that the website design from top web development services has size and layout that could adapt to different types of devices, particularly mobile-driven gadgets. If your website is not designed for compatibility to mobile devices, then your site do need an immediate revamp. Today’s visitors and online users are mainly connected to mobile devices in most hours of the day. Your website should cater to this trend which is a major source of information for your potential market.


Why make your web design mobile compatible?

First impression is everything in the Internet. Your target audience needs to know that your business is of high quality and with the latest technology. Modern and mobile websites are innovative features and online users are drawn to them. A web development solution boosts the online experience of your potential market and contributes to their overall user experience. Responsive websites make their navigation easier and more convenient. It also results to lasting impression that builds rapport and trust. If they are impressed with how your site works, it is most likely they will prefer your products and services over the competition.


Website with Slow Interface

The contemporary virtual world is a fast-paced niche. People that use the Internet want something that is fast and efficient. They want to be able to access your website, click it and not wait for long loading time. Your website must immediately load the page or less you will have higher bounce rate than usual. It is the task of a web development consultant to make this happen and resolve the issue. Slow web interfaces and loading time not only affect your bounce rate. It ultimately leads to lower conversion rates, thus affecting your sales and revenues.


Why is your website slow?

There are various factors that contribute to the slow page load speed of your website. For instance, it could have graphics and images that are not optimized. There are other elements in your webpage that have major effects on the loading speed such as larger numbers of videos. Flash and outdated codes in bulky volumes are likewise contributors of this glitch. Nowadays, a web development specialist is fully equipped with software tools that put a stop to the problem at hand. Top rated websites usually load in just a matter of seconds. There are online tools that you could use to measure the page load speed of your website. If the result is unsatisfactory, then it is high time for a website overhaul.


Website Operates on Flash

One of the main causes of a slower and unproductive website performance is the outdated platforms. Adobe Flash is one of them. The multimedia platform is a known tool that creates animation and vector graphics which are integrated to your web design. It may have been effective 10 years ago, but not anymore. A web development solution is necessary especially if you are vying for a mobile-driven, responsive website.


Do you give up your Adobe Flash now?

Adobe Flash can still help you create remarkable animations and graphics that may be useful for your website. However, it is not a supported platform especially if online visitors are using iPads and iPhones. Even browsers such as Mozilla Firefox already blocked Flash plugins. It is important to consult a web development expert to know if it is a sound move to give up and discontinue using your Adobe Flash. Take note that websites with Flash features are basically not indexed in major search engines. The platform may also dramatically slow down the speed of your page load. On top of it all, Adobe Flash may also pose countless security vulnerabilities. Do you need Adobe Flash for your website then? The choice is yours.


Website is Old and Outdated

The virtual world is a constantly changing niche. Trends shift and technologies upgrade all the time. Thus, undergoing a website refresh is a no-brainer. The best web development service makes sure that your site is up to date and current. It is compatible to modern interfaces and devices that your potential market is mainly using. It copes with the changing trends and demands. It uses modern features that make the online experience of your visitors satisfactory, thus leading to higher sales and conversion rates.


Hire a professional web developer or do it yourself?

Unless you are a highly trained and certified web development specialist, revamping your website on your own is never a good idea. Hire a professional web developer if you want to have a total transformation for your Stone Age website. These professionals have the knowledge, update, and tools that would make a world of difference. They could also provide website management services so that you need not go through the hustle and bustle of monitoring and operating your website.


Hate your Website? Do it over!

A website makeover is all you need based on a lot of reasons. However, the heaviest of all your reasons could be that you simply hate the website that you currently have. Admit it or not, there are instances when you wish that your site could be better. This is one of the top signs that tell you a website overhaul makes a lot of sense. Web development, redesign, and update are the solution if you experience the following dilemma:

  • You find it extremely annoying when you navigate your own business website
  • You are adamant giving your site URL as reference to someone new
  • You get jittery and nervous when you heard that someone browsed on your website

These should not be your usual or normal reaction when thinking about your own online experience in your very own website. When your site is already becoming a nightmare, then a web development solution is what you need ASAP. It not only gives you the stress, it also grossly affects your sales and overall performance.


Consequences of a Problematic Website

Just like the eyes, your website is the window to your company’s soul. It is a gateway where your target market can peek into your business and explore your products and services. Websites are extremely important components of marketing schemes, then and now. Web development is a tool that safeguards the quality and efficiency of your website. Professionally designed and redesigned website is the key to a profitable and highly operational business.

However, there are stumbling blocks in achieving your sales growth and business goals through your website. Here are some of the common problems that affect your website quality and function:

  • Not engaging or unattractive website content
  • Difficult, confusing, and not user-friendly navigational interface
  • Hard to use CMS
  • Underwhelming and unimpressive design
  • Outdated and old systems integration
  • Poor brand representation


What happens if your website is a problematic one?

Without proper web development, your website is at risk of getting everything wrong. It is important to maximize the full potentials of your site. The website should be able to harness its power to change and persuade people to act on your call to action. Every component or part of a website is essential. The technology you used, design, and content of a website work together in order to achieve your goals and have a positive impact on your audience.

Here are the consequences when your website is poorly designed:


Damage to the Brand

One of the most drastic effects of an unsatisfactory website is the damage that it can inflict on your brand. When your brand is tainted, it is quite difficult to bounce back from that dilemma. It would also take time and a lot of concerted efforts in order to redefine and revive your brand. However, effective web development solutions could take care of that problem. Improving your website results to good user experience and boosts the credibility of your name. You also boost the valuable trust in your brand so that customers will prefer you over the competition. Bad websites on the other hand destroys your reputation in your niche.


Inefficiency in Operations

Unsatisfactory and clumsy web development work results to frustrating results and could truly harm your business operations. Your website becomes more of a liability rather than a tool that provides lead generation and sales growth. On the other hand, effective websites offer profound benefits to your business. Quality websites gives your business greater clarity of purpose. You also enjoy deeper customer engagement to your brand, better brand alignment, and increased efficiency. Most importantly, your website could have greater social impact in a larger scale.


Core Website Strategies that Work

Reputable web development specialists offer the latest and most effective website strategies to enhance your site:

  1. Brand Strategy

This strategic method for website refresh uncovers critical questions and insights regarding your brand. It also identifies your business goals and clearly determines the mission success that your company is aiming for. Web development experts collate specific goals for the web content, design, and technology. All these are contextualized in order to plan out and execute a website that effectively works.

  1. Content Strategy

Dubbed as the most challenging part of web development, content strategy is a process that starts with identifying the web contents that you want to integrate in your site. The volume of the content is not as important as the weight of its quality. Web developers also look into how quality content is regularly produced for your website. Content strategy is a flexible process. In fact, content development takes place throughout the website design phase. Adjustments have to be made in order to cope to whatever is necessary as things progress.

  1. Design Strategy

Design weaves all the words, code, and ideas and synthesizes them into a tangible platform. A web development consultant is fully equipped to create a design that properly supports the technology, content, and brand. Effective design strategy makes sure that the designing adapts to trend shifts and changes. It must achieve the strategic goal of your business, be delivered on time, and remains within your budget range.

  1. Technology Strategy

The work scope of a web development expert also covers creating the technology strategy for the website revamp. There are a lot of features that are highlighted in this method such as strings of code, hardware, and syntax. All these are essential in order to express the digital design of the website and brand ideas. Web developers concentrate on vital components of technology strategy such as the core installation of proper CMS.


What to expect from the web development consultants?

The web development team ensures a proactive engagement with the client throughout the design process. Trusted and experienced web developers do not wait around for handed comps and specs. Design-driven teams basically offer a comprehensive website refresh solution from the contextualization of the content to design and execution. They closely work with the client in order to reflect the client brand in the end product.

Website refresh is a costly yet highly rewarding venture for business owners of online and brick and mortar companies. Do not wait until your sales and revenues reach rock bottom to do a website overhaul. Immediately consult with and hire a licensed and seasoned web development specialist once you see the telltales of a problematic website. A website makeover possibly closes or opens doors of opportunities for your business.