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Is Your business Website Your Best Salesperson

More than ten years ago, before the Internet became accessible and popular, even the smallest company has spent hundreds of dollars a month in order to increase the level of sales. The money spent on phone calls, print advertising, print on letterhead and business cards, and so on. Many companies spend thousands of dollars to rent an office or store, the employee’s salary. Any business of the twentieth century knows how important all of these elements for success. And this is only one side of the business – side of the seller.

On the other hand – the buyer side, you had to spend money to buy the print edition, search for businesses that provide necessary goods or services. Then, it was necessary to make a phone call and find out more about you are interested in products or services. At the same time before the eyes it was necessary to have this printed edition, in which you find the phone of the company as at the end of the line you might ask: “Where you’ve seen our advertising?”. As a result, referring to advertising in one or another printed edition, and after listening to some information, the decision regarding the purchase you are interested in a product or service. Your decision depended on several factors: price, that I was called as a professional to talk to you and what is important, what tone did.

Now everything has changed, we live in the age of the Internet – the most powerful, most accessible, dynamic communication system ever known to mankind. Today, you, like many other people, the first thing that you will do in this situation – open search, ask your friends in social networks, read the forums. The Internet has become a major source of information in our lives: this is one of the first places where we are looking for we are interested in their answers and make decisions based.

Although, even in the Internet age, many people still buy prints, read leaflets in mailboxes, or ask a neighbor, where it is best to call, where to best buy. But to make a decision and make a final choice, they will still consult with those who are versed in the Internet, and will look for the websites of the companies that interest them.

The site on the Internet as an independent dealer of your services

You can spend hundreds of dollars a month for phone and thousands of dollars a year on advertising, even more to rent an office or store, what you may need and it does not have its own corporate website. Even the simplest site is just as important to the success of your business as a phone or business cards, advertising, office or shop.

Investment in the development of the site, even on the same level as the cost of telephone calls and advertisements in the future ensures you achieve better financial results than they could bring the above-mentioned costs.

If you do not have a website or you saved it – you risk selling your products and services is much less than is possible. After all, as we have seen, after all searches, calls other people advice, your potential customers go online and find your site. That your site enters into a transaction to sell your product (service). The site displays the best, who, what, why, how and when. For business it is – the best chance to show themselves.

The site is a place where you get the opportunity to fully express, sell, persuade and show future customers of every aspect of your business, skills, abilities and talents. You get the opportunity to show everyone how vibrant and self-sufficient is your business.

Everyone knows that the time – money. You do not want to lose your time talking to people who do not have a clear understanding of what you do or do not have a proper budget. And with your own website, you are always open for business, no matter where you are and what you do – even when you are on vacation, the website will work, and you will receive orders non-stop! Easy to use and cost-effectiveness makes the web site the best means of advertising, be it large or small business. After all, the main purpose of the site – is the provision of information. When your site is clearly talking about your abilities, your brand, it makes your work more efficient. Your website is an important part of your business. For business people, the presence of the Internet – it must have. After all, the Internet allows customers and potential business partners to quickly and easily find out more about your business.

Currently, there are very few goods that cannot be sold over the Internet. Nevertheless, the fact that you just have a website is not enough. Any website requires the same advertising and promotion, as well as any other business before it starts to generate income. Your site should give visitors what they want. In order to attract potential customers, your site needs to attract and hold their attention until the desired result is achieved. We know how to introduce you to the most effective, your business and your services.

It does not matter what you do, the main thing that you were the best in the business. Show the world your business! Tell everyone who you are and what you do.

How your website will bring customers?

Internet business, like any other, is a chain of actions are obliged to lead to success. So our website is ready, beautifully decorated, equipped with all imaginable information (of course, essential!). How do you know if it works well our great content? It will help us to learn this conversion rate.

Conversion is the ratio of the number of site visitors who did something for which the site was conceived (purchase order, appeal for advice, etc.) to the total number of visitor. We express this ratio as a percentage and see how close we are to success. The higher the percentage, the more the target audience does not go to your internet site without purchasing, order, payment. Great indicator for assessing the success of the project, is not it? Is it possible to increase the success rate by improving the content? Yes, and again yes!

  1. Check if the text of your ads on the website information. Go to the site, the client will see that the information in the content of the website is identical with the advertising. This is a major step towards the conquest of client trust you.
  2. It is time again carefully analyze the content of the page on which the customer enters. Does it not overloaded, how easy is it to find the coveted order form, fill in the form, cart, etc. This is especially important if you do not use a special landing (Landing) page to change the client to the site.

And maybe it’s worth to connect something else to keep the customer?

  1. Decorate your content coupon for a discount, special offer, gift, or a demo version. Think about the clients and do not forget about the quality and affordability!

From any Internet project, it is very important to spend enough time on the target audience analysis. Who are the people who will become your customers or clients? Which site will win their hearts and stop choice in your favor? This difficult and important questions of creation of site content. Design, text and graphic content of the site should be as thoughtful, as well as the title of the site.

The correct style of presentation and the veracity of the information content of the site will track the success of your online store, salon, agencies and any business platform in the vast fields of electronic commerce. Do not neglect the careful development of quality content on your site. Simplicity, reliability and availability of the information offered on the site will benefit your business.

Facts about Internet sales

  • The number of users who find services and products through search engines, up to 80-90%
  • Only 7-10% of people browsing for more than three pages in the search results
  • 90% of all purchases made through the Internet users who came to search Yandex and Google
  • Up to 60% of the people, driving in the search phrase with the words “buy” intend to make a purchase

Now imagine the total number of people who every day are looking for services and products bought through the Internet. That’s millions of people. So why you miss them by?

How to make your website your best Salesperson?

The site should be regarded not just as a representative of the company on the Internet, as well as a complete tool to generate the flow of customers and sales, which can be done very effectively with the right approach. To do this, the business owner needs to understand a number of important points that distinguish the successful online shopping from the unsuccessful. About them we discuss in this article.

Clear terms of reference

Creating a site online store requires attention to detail and understanding of the specific niches and activities required for a successful start. If the customer himself does not understand what it is that he needs, how much more it cannot know the perpetrators. Detailed terms of reference allow you to accurately assess the scope of work, cost, and to avoid possible confusion in the process of project implementation. Moreover, so much easier to set priorities, especially when it comes to developing a budget.

Beauty must sell

Of course, a nice design is important for any commercial project. But it is important in the pursuit of beauty does not lose meaning. The appearance of the online store must match its category, and the visitor must see the key selling items, not just pretty gadgets. The principle of “everything at once” in this case does not work. Since your objective – the creation of an online store, focusing on the needs of the market, adding functionality gradually, according to the target audience’s interests.

Ease of Ordering

Excessive complexity of elements with which a user interacts in the process of ordering, can significantly reduce the conversion. This means that you lose profits, and the effectiveness of advertising investment falls. The process of ordering baskets interface forms – all this should be as clear and simple.

Zooming in perspective

This is very important, since the development of an online store, sooner or later may stop due to lack of functionality in technical terms. For example, you decide to create an online store, focusing exclusively on the sale in his hometown. But then the development has gone so well that it was decided to trade all over the country and even output to overseas markets. Here are just a technically current site is not able to withstand the load and provide visitors with the necessary facilities. This is the problem of scaling, which largely depends on the CMS.

As you can see, the creation of an online store – a process that requires detailed analysis and high-level technical expertise. In our company on each of the projects runs a team of professionals who are ready to provide you high quality work and help in the creation of this site, which will translate your business to the next level really.


Look at your website through the eyes of the customer

Internet shopping for buyers – this is a paradise. The internet has everything from fine jewelry and lingerie to the large household appliances. Moreover, now many moves you can buy things abroad. And in this case, any purchase is much cheaper, even if considered together with the cost of delivery. At the same time, if we are talking about the clothes – not even the main price, and the fact that in our country, such things are not for sale, which means that no one else this will not happen. And that women are more valuable than her personality and your style of dress? During that any money is not a pity, as there is not even the “all” it is, and a very symbolic sum.

What marketing website bypasses the usual shops?

  1. Online Store does not pay the rent, utilities, wages sellers are not buying furniture, cash registers and other equipment. So, all of this is not included in the cost of goods. Therefore, the price tag below.
  2. You can make purchases without leaving the computer in an Internet store: look, choose, compare, delay and rethink a hundred times. You do not have to run from store to store to do so.
  3. In the online shop, you can specify search conditions (for example, only the blue dress of the 46th size) and immediately find anything that might interest you.
  4. Internet shops work round the clock and seven days a week. They are no queues and intrusive sellers (or, conversely, too busy).
  5. In the online shop you can read customer reviews and decide what kind of thing better.

The advantages for the owner of an online store

  • it can be a major source of profit, and complementary to the core business – it is important to study the issue of what is needed if online store;
  • a much lower barrier to entry, but the competition in the different subjects is different;
  • There is no regional restrictions: You can find clients in your city or region and across the country;
  • availability 24/7: round the clock and seven days a week;
  • the advantages of Internet shopping as a time-saving and freedom of choice, and play an important role for the customers;
  • online business does not require a large number of staff: you can get a consultant where conventional outlets serve five;
  • There is no limit on the number provided on the virtual showcase of goods;
  • in the case of promotion and advancement can only focus on potentially interested in your product or service users.


Online Store structure slightly different from the traditional, but unlike the latter it has to act in more severe conditions because it is deprived of the advantages of a conventional store, as a constant audience. Have regular visitors to online stores is very important, because half of its purchases made “repeated” buyers. In addition, the Internet more user defines a simple habit of a particular resource. Accordingly, in order to keep the already acquired customers and attract new, Internet-shop need to focus on the convenience for the customer, which are possible with e-commerce.

What motives are driven by people who define the ability to make a purchase without leaving your home? In the first place – an unwillingness to take the time to visit the physical store, that is, time savings. In the Internet you can select and compare the characteristics of goods among several stores, and the procedure takes minutes as opposed to the tedious trips to traditional shopping.

“… Faster and easier to get around several online stores than usual.”

“… I did not have to go somewhere to shop and spend time looking for the book I liked.”

A detailed description of the goods. The Internet buyer cannot take the goods into the hands of, touch it, to communicate directly with the seller, ask him about the characteristics of the goods, so online stores offer the customer a detailed information about the product.


Despite the rapid growth of e-commerce, not all entrepreneurs understand what the advantages of Internet shopping, especially if you already have offline shops. But in this case, e-shop advantages are best, because you not only get a great source of additional income, but also the opportunity to compare the efficiency of investment. Good idea for the online store can bring really good income.

Online Store may need a businessman regardless of whether he has already been operating an offline business, it can be a complement to it, or the main source of income. Already starting from this, you need to plan a budget and setting up shop in its development. Above the online trading platform, you need to keep a regular job and in detail to work out a business plan online store – is not just a business card, created “for show” … is a complete and highly effective sales tool. To learn how to create a successful site for sales, please visit our website.


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