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Is woocommerce seo friendly

Creating a site for e-commerce can be a daunting task. Imagine that it is a matter of no more than a few clicks. Thanks WooCommerce is now possible.

WooCommerce – is a WordPress plugin that helps you create, manage, monitor and maintain your online shop without the hassle or fuss with the code (do not have in mind the nerdy-coders who can do a lot with its API). This material is devoted to the WooCommerce plugin merits lighting so that you can understand what is good at SEO optimisation.

We wouldn’t want proceed to the configuration section without discussion of all the relevant initial questions. If you face the question of what kind of site management system to choose for your online store, you should seriously consider the WooCommerce system by WordPress. Which stores WooCommerce system is the best solution?

WooCommerce – a great solution for small and medium-sized stores

This system is perfect for shops, meet the following requirements:

  • Not a lot of products (or Small business website).
  • You do not need integration with accounting systems, accounting (1C, bank documents printing).
  • Requires quickly create an online store.
  • Administer store will users without special training, the requirement of simplicity and intuitive interface.
  • The store is created with a view to the development and expansion.


What advantages does the shop on WooCommerce?

  • Quick and easy to install (while for Magento you require experienced Magento developer).
  • Convenient and easy to customize.
  • High reliability and stability.
  • Low requirements for hosting, a small load on the server.
  • Increase the overall efficiency of SEO strategy by combining functional store (WooCommerce), blog (standard WordPress functionality), social media (social setting buttons, comments – including comments from social networks); and the collection of the subscription base and audience retention site and work with a subscription database (connection Smartresponder services and JustClick).
  • Ability to change the design and appearance. A sufficient number of free and paid themes. Any WordPress theme design can be adapted for WooCommerce.

Why you should install this plugin?

The services offered supposedly free online store, you do not have complete freedom. Your online store is actually not yours. This means that it can block for breaking the rules, cannot you demand to change the rules of use, to introduce or remove features, and so on. In addition, these services are ready online stores you have a number of their limits. And you have to pay extra for such important things as:

  • setting your own domain name for the shop
  • use of a private office in the store
  • use of coupons and rebates
  • separation of user rights and the creation of user groups
  • different prices for different groups of buyers
  • setting shipping costs
  • free shipping for orders above a certain amount
  • Mobile Site

The best way to get a long-term and sustainable income online is to create a brand and selling their products using their own e-commerce solutions. Easier said than done, is not it?

Let’s see what Wikipedia says about the e-commerce

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-Commerce – is a trade in goods or services with the use of computer networks such as the Internet. E-commerce is based on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, data collection systems.

Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least for one part of the transaction lifecycle, although it can also use other technologies, such as email, mobile devices, social media and phone numbers.

Problems with SEO optimization of your shop

E-commerce is one of the most modern trends with great profit potential. When the start-up, whether it be an individual or small business owner decides to create an online store, a simple Google search offers a variety of potential solutions.

Choosing the right platform is crucial. WordPress is known for its ease of use, even for non-programmers, and the same applies to WooCommerce.

Possible problems when setting up an e-commerce site

Let’s say you do not have the technical expertise. You are going to run an online store. Obviously, in most cases, you will not have enough money to hire programmers who can create a custom online system specifically for your project. So, you need a free or affordable web design solution. Possible problems for you at this time are:

  • Interaction. The convenient user interaction leads to increased sales. If the end user cannot find the basic options in the right place on your site, you lose a potential customer. But being a private individual or a startup, you cannot hire UX-designer to help you increase sales.
  • Customization. Setting up your online store to make it look respectable – this is not something with which a beginner can handle (not all are programmers or designers). The platform must be easy to use and easy to work with code approach to help you with this.
  • Security issues. Violations of safety, of course, the biggest concern for ecommerce web development. You cannot afford to experience it in any degree. Such attacks not only threaten the accounting data of your customers, but also can result in your site in a complete mess. For example, if your site goes down, your payments can be redirected to another site, or the content page, and functions can be disrupted. How do you decide this problem?
  • Definition of efficiency. If you do e-commerce, you definitely need some analytical tool that can keep track of all the statistics of your site. I have seen sellers who complain that they get enough traffic, but it does not convert into sales. This is mainly due to the fact that they can not monitor the actions of their clients. You need a solution that will help you be aware of the flexibility and efficiency of sales.

Why Is WooCommerce SEO friendly for your site?

The solutions to these problems

WooCommerce has been selected for more than 171 thousands of online stores. It is used for websites with high load, among them the Internet Systems Consortium and the Small Press Expo. A week before the September 23, 2013, Quantcast data, BuiltWith Trends show that WooCommerce used in 2.93% of the sites of the Top-10K, 3,4% of the top-100K and 5.65% of the top million websites.

So, let’s see how WooCommerce meets the requirements of online merchants.

Free, open source

One of the most distinctive features of WooCommerce is that it is free and is open source. Using the platform open source, website developers (WordPress Developer or WooCommerce Developer) can at any time introduce new features and fixes.

They can create it for their own themes and extensions. This is definitely a good bargain for those who are limited in spending. Functionality is extremely versatile and flexible, allowing you to easily trade on the Internet, using advanced techniques.

Easy to use

WooCommerce WooThemes was created. Many experiments and realizations led to the current situation, in which it offers the most optimized of free solutions. Even if you do not know much about the technical side of things, you can still enjoy a great deal of flexibility in selling your products to WooCommerce. Traders can classify their products in accordance with the sale price, independent attributes, etc. You can sell physical, virtual, downloadable, or even partnership and foreign products with the help of this plugin.

Layout made easy to facilitate use, and page setting can be performed without any difficulty. You can monitor the activity of customers in the details, such as conversion, registration, order tracking, etc.

Similarly, customers can track their past orders and check status updates in the delivery of their purchases. WooCommerce also offers a variety of shipping options and tax settings. All of these features have a great impact on your customers and CTR rate is significantly increased. As marketers say, “more clicks more leads, more sales.”

Easy setup

WooCommerce works not only with themes WooThemes, but also with any other theme WordPress. ThemeForest has a section for those that support WooCommerce. He adds attractiveness in terms of users and makes the configuration process is very simple. It offers a variety of shortcodes and widgets, which you can give a personalized look to your site. WooCommerce offers detailed documentation on this subject that I will raise in future articles.

Individual approach

WooCommerce – is not only to create your own online store. It is the whole platform. This plug-in allows your customers to have a personal page where they can not only save your profile, but also peep into the status update of their recent orders.

If you run a professional website and want to integrate an online store, then you can easily do it with WooCommerce. This is the beauty WooCommerce: you can get everything in one place, without affecting other CMS functions.

Simple analysts tracking

One of the key benefits of WooCommerce is its ability to track customer behavior, predict trends and analyze your online marketing efforts accurately and comprehensively. These figures and statistics as total sales, sales by date, the average order amount, the statistics for each individual customer reviews, the number of stocks and the overall performance of the web-store will be very helpful. They are all beautifully displayed on graphs, pie charts, histograms, etc.

Integrated social features

“The cost of Like” (or CPL) can be highly reduced by means of a well-integrated social features encourage people to share your products in their social profiles. At least for the socially and geographically mobile, WooCommerce is a way to benefit, in which your advertising costs are reduced.


WordPress – a safe platform. It activates more than 22% of the Internet. Any security errors are corrected immediately, and security updates are distributed worldwide to a conscious error disclosure. WooCommerce is updated on a regular basis, which solves any safety problems at all.

Enhanced functionality

Empowerment is one of the coolest features when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce. a variety of free and paid extensions available to them.

Extensions will improve the ability of the plug in relation to accounting, payment gateways, marketing, reporting and so on. A section on CodeCanyon filled with such plugins.


Another serious problem that bothers online marketers is: what would happen if they reach an impasse with their website? WooCommerce offers support in the form of forums, video tutorials, etc., where specialists are ready to solve their problems. The market is represented by a large segment of the WordPress plugin developers who are ready to support this plug-in on a monthly basis. When I started freelancing, some of the first customers, whom I helped, wanted me to run their shops based on WooCommerce.

Improve SEO by installing additional plug-ins for WooCommerce

I would like to put a logical point in the material recommendations of free plug-ins for your online store. If you remember, the business model is to develop WooCommerce sales paid additions to the main plug. However, there are many free solutions that extend the capabilities of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce comprises a plurality of filters that help customize the appearance and logic as a plug-in anywhere. But for this it is necessary to write the code, but not all of it can make your own or order a specialist.

Supplement Customizer overlaps opportunities Saphali plugin, but adds its capacity – edit the text on the buttons add to the cart for each type of product, editing labels in the basket itself. plug-in version – 1.0, it has appeared recently, so the opportunities at the moment is quite sparse. However, I recommend to try and put it in operation. I wish that the author has not abandoned his creation, as often happens with free options.

WooCommerce Multilingual

Excellent plugin for multilingual shops. Allows you to translate the page catalog and store in several languages, allows the visitor to select a language from the options. To work requires WPML plugin version 2.6.0 or higher (unfortunately a fee, but $ 29 for this case is not a pity, if necessary).

WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition

I think it is clear from the title, that makes this plug-in? It is true, it adds to the admin panel of your site an extra point in which is hidden a detailed WooCommerce menu. You can quickly navigate through the necessary pages, view orders, goods included additions and more. If you like the WordPress admin panel – then I highly recommend you to this extension.

WooCommerce Grid / List toggle

Another obvious plugin – adds item display switch at the store list or tiles. Overall, pretty good, but there are issues to support the pattern of this functionality, you need to be tested for each individual case.

Pushover for WooCommerce

Very interesting and unusual plug-in that allows you to send alerts using Pushover service. Very unusual supplement that will please any customer or will be a nice bonus to its own store.

WooCommerce Menu Cart

Many owners of electronic sites have many questions, how to add a button to the basket in the horizontal menu of the site. This plugin will help in this matter.

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite

A plugin that allows you to add custom tabs to product information. You can use it to add video to the product or something similar.

WooCommerce Custom Statuses

A plugin that allows you to add your own order status, in addition to the three standard statuses (new, paid, delivered). You can inform the visitor more of his order, especially if you use a complex system of payment or delivery.

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Adds a field to the order page, where the visitor can select the desired date of delivery of the goods. Frankly, we cannot even imagine how it can be applied and why. But this thing seemed to us quite unusual, we think some of you will find a use for.

WooCommerce Debug Bar

Last plugin is designed exclusively for the development of plug-ins or templates. It adds a panel to the WooCommerce plugin Debug Bar and requires it to work.

Summing up

If you are a beginner and want to become an online marketer, WooCommerce help save the day. The following articles in this series, we’ll move on to the settings where we will explore every feature WooCommerce, one after another.