Magento ecommerce


Magento is an unconventional plus an open source e-commerce solution. It needs developers’ implementation and provides suppleness, complete customization, flexibility and the aptitude to measure the software as your business expands.

Magento provides diverse solutions according to your business requirements. No matter what business you are into, Magento is the best option to opt for.

Go through the following points to get acquainted with magento’s surprising benefits.



Owners of E-commerce business who are using Magento for years, they told us that they love the software’s cost-effectiveness and they are getting more benefits by paying less. They explained that you do not have to pay for monthly subscriptions like with other e-commerce platforms out there, which normally limit many things like the number of products/services, customers, trades and transactions available to you. Magento can provide you, your own online store active and successively running at little or no cost. There are many free versions of the software that are free and even paid plug-ins and extensions are also available.

Magento provides many kinds of solutions to fit the bill for your business. Magento Community is the finest way to get started with the software for many small companies. The free version of ‘Magento’ is completely maintained by a community of Magento regular users who could help you adjust the software for your business no matter it is small or large. Magento also provides facility of hosting for its open-source software to be done on your own server, leaving you many other options to match your Web-hosting financial plan and regulate your back-end procedures.

Another awesome feature offered by “Magento Enterprise” is, it provides you Enterprise-level functions and support completely to organize your website and back-end work-flows. Though, substantial amount of investment is needed by this version. The words has been out by Magento’s sales team that their base bundle starts from $17,800 per annum, however this bundle gives the complete open framework of architecture, customized solutions to its users as well as server implementation. Likewise, it provides you access to the partners of Magento’s and certified Magento developers who could aid you get started and make your Magento Enterprise-powered online store’s management easier and smooth.


What common do Fortune making companies like Samsung, Warby-Parker, Olympus, Harvey Nichols, and Nike have in mutual? All the websites of these enterprises are produced on the best platform ever known as ‘Magento’. Actually, more than a quarter of all the ecommerce websites in the whole World are running on Magento.

Site designers and web developers are out of choices, when it comes to select a platform on which they are going to build the website. From the last couple of years, there has been an uncontrollable expansion of plug and play E-commerce platforms like Big-commerce, Volusion, Shopify, and many more to select from, there is a great platform for every conceivable kind of E-commerce store you would like to create. Even in massive options of platforms, what makes Magento so special that it is overwhelming for building e-commerce sites, are reasons elaborated below:

Magento is open-source platform means FREE platform for everyone!

Magento originally has three different versions:

  • Magento Community Free Version
  • Magento Enterprise Paid Version
  • Magento Go paid Version Hosted on Magento Servers

The famous edition of all of them, is the Community Free Version, which is entirely an open-source and consider the possibly largest and the most active web-development community for E-commerce platforms available online.

Magento is absolutely free of charges for downloading and installing. You could even improve the mechanism of the source code any way you would like to match the kind of site you are going to build and install only the extensions that are viably available on the Magento Connect Platform. Magento Connect, thereby also falls in the World’s largest E-commerce application market.


Magento plat-form is updated consistently by the community of developers working on it to make it even better, security faults are observed and opt-out leaving it extremely safe from an E-commerce viewpoint. If your eyes are searching for higher security standards, even better, you should select the Enterprise Version, which provides a Secure Payment Method that comes with a PCI Data-Security Policies.
The most admirable part is that it is free and easily available for troubleshooting so you can ask any thing about it, from the large community and forums of developers without any hassle.


Magento’s start was not as a platform rendering services for E-commerce dissimilar to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal that primarily are content management platforms which also provides the choices of E-commerce plug-ins.
The main characteristics Magento offers is to make e-commerce websites on it a real ease. Few of Magento’s main E-commerce features are given below:

  • Dashboards for its Users
  • Segmentation of Consumers
  • Managed Inventory
  • Progressive supplier and consignment management
  • Permits extension/bundling of products
  • Already built cross match sell and high selling capabilities
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Subscriptions to Newsletters

Dissimilar to other platforms for E-commerce like Volusion or Shopify, Magento E-commerce permits you to choose any services for hosting you would like to. This brings your costs down and gives you the benefits of swapping hosting services flexibly, if you get into trouble with your existing hosting services.
Although, if you would like to attain the convenience of a platform hosted itself. ‘Magento Go’ enables you precisely to get all the benefits that come with the Community version of Magento platform.


One of the foremost grievances from consumers of other e-commerce platforms is the increased cost that arise with each and every little feature which is inserted to the website. Since, Magento is an open-source, that issue is entirely not a big problem. Interpolate as manifold visage as you would like to insert into your site, without outlaying a penny.

Likewise, restrictions on the number of services/products, product line extensions as well as Stock keeping units that could be uploaded and showed on a platform. As you raise larger and your store becomes more fruitful, you would start paying exceptionally sophisticated fees to your provider of E-commerce platform. That is an additional space where you are going to end up spending costs nothing on Magento.
Enlarge and nurture as much as you like to, and Magento will be promoted with you at no extra expenditure.


It is absolutely true that you would like to make your life simple by plug-in, good-to-go applications that integrate manifold novel visage into your site, in lieu of coding every new visage from start.  Integration with third-party applications is completely in the control of the service providers, when you are using other platforms. You could only integrate with the applications that they let you to and most often there is a considerable price-tag attached to the procedure. Magento’s extendable Application Programming Interface (API), lets you to link to any type of application or plug-in chosen tremendously easily to do.


E-commerce business comes in diverse forms and scopes. The strategy that works for a fashion store might not work for a hardware and electric-tools vender. Likewise, size and gauge of processes, customer service necessities etc. pose dissimilar tests in the E-commerce setting.  Magento, being an open-source or free platform for e-commerce, is predictable to be intrinsically extremely customizable and adaptable to modification. Although, with the correct coding-smarts, Magento turn out to be like malleable.

It’s tremendously modular tool of technology that lets you to outshine a beautiful front-end client experiences by modifications or plug-in layouts and templates for you to select from. Back-end workflows could be revamped to match your business and made solid as rock by redrafting codes, modification of events and networks.


It is researched that almost 50% of web-users nowadays, anticipate a website to load within 2 seconds of time. Any delays than that and they simply press the cross button and move forward towards their lives. Each consumer that leaves without purchasing, left another dent in your total conversion rates.

With such a huge pressure of performance on your nerves, you would like to adapt a platform that loads quickly, permits storing of pages’ data in cache easily, meanwhile even letting you to have as many new-fangled features as you would like to have on your e-commerce website.

Magento provides you each and every of the above and many more bells and whistles. It enables you to caching your pages easily with the use of ‘Varnish’, retrieving data from enormous databases in milliseconds, process inquiries in no time as well as load pages super-fast enough to make delight your intolerant consumers.


It is highly significant to make our sites as much SEO responsive as possible. We do recognize know the struggle involved in enhancing every-single phase of each page on the website for Search Engine Optimization. This could be a greater hindrance for big E-commerce websites successively running into hundreds or thousands of pages.

Magento protects you from the developing concern of creating SEO friendly URLs, meta-tags, explanations or descriptions, URL re-writes, site-maps, navigation and category based structures and much more. It is a source code that allows all of these visage built-in, saving you a lot of worry and time, meanwhile making certain that your website is optimized for search engines.


Studies have done to prove that more than 60% of United States customers owned smartphones. American people nowadays devote more time accessing the website on their smartphones rather than on computers or laptops.

Owning a mobile friendly website has never been more demanding than now. The great news is that it is now genuinely easy to develop mobile optimized sites using the latest HTML5 competences of Magento. Magento provides your mobile website audio visuals and drag and drop abilities, motions and gestures based controls, in addition image scaling for variable screen sizes.


Meanwhile virtually all e-commerce platforms other than Magento – open-source or else – allows you to use just one store on one computer; on the contrary Magento, let you run multiple sites on the same backend system without any hassle.
Each and every site can have specifically dissimilar layouts and designs with their own stores. You could even get varied domains for each website. You can control all of these at the same time through a single-admin board using Magento. This competency is a bonus for e-commerce businesses that operates in manifold niche categories.


A diverse and expanding number of viewers to US ecommerce websites have been seen from Europe, East and West of Asia and Australia. They usually devote more time than national viewers per visit and have higher adhesiveness.

Unluckily, many sites do not permit payments in international notes, therefore avoiding the portion of international consumers from rising as quick as it could. Resolve this difficultly by developing your website with Magento Platform, which enables multiple currencies and tax-rates as well. It provides customized solutions for your website in local languages, right to left texts anywhere you need as well as a native cookie notification policy.


Magento provides virtually the whole enchilada, an e-commerce website would require to display products/goods, perform online-transactions, provides outclass customer services and handle all of your backend processes efficiently and effectively. However, it does require at some levels, knowledge of coding to build the website in the first attempt.

As stated previously, novel E-commerce companies have a mind baffling, collection of selections when it moves towards platforms they would like to build their sites on.



Magento, online store is at present connected with Google Analytics, Base and Google Checkouts. This enables you to keep in mind of your website viewers. These online tools offers you to get reports on shopping-cart abandonment, terms used for searching within your online store, means most approached products, etc.



When Magento is used, the goods in your online-store could be feasibly exhibited. This offers visitors an awesome purchasing experience. Layouts designed effectively would aid them in website steering, aiding people to search things they have come looking for. Ability of Zoom-in, reviews of different products, different images of every product, are few of the visage that enables Magento to be called as users-friendly and motivates viewers to buy and re-visit the site.


Go through blogs, articles, different tutorials, online seminars and screen-casts, white-papers and an E-commerce reference library to aid you effectively process your E-commerce business.


Another superb reason to select Magento is that Magento is a safe platform in terms of money transfers. Secure socket layers security is implemented as well as devoted IP is feasible. Consumers would buy from your Magento online stores with a secure feeling. It also offers multiple payment ways that lets you to receive payments using well-known payment processors, for instance PayPal,, Google etc. Consumers could likewise pay through check or pay-order, credit-cards, P.O and many other options.


Platform is endorsed with helpful articles, blogs run by community filled with wiki, on commencing your Magento online store, products management, payment procedures, drafting your own site and store, already available plug-ins and implemented extensions, adding visage, and much more.

Avail instant aid from Magento user community on the website of Magento. Ask your own inquiries, questions or look through previous posts to find the answers you require.


You can easily get in contact with Magento’s (ECG) known as Expert consulting group, in addition to that certified Magento associates and designers for personalized one-to-one assistance. These services entails design and launching of your site as well as online store, software implementation, directing marketing, carrying out performance valuations, and much more.

For e-commerce proprietors who would love the technology side and expertise of Magento and they would like to learn more about the software. Magento Sales’ software mentioned us to know about their trainings, accreditations and other courses and certifications that could help you attain the most useful ideas out of the platform. These programs comprises of Magento classes for developers, customized classes and video on-demand trainings directly from your account of Magento.


Magento has the best ever customizing E-commerce software for companies or businesses – if you do know how to get advantages out of it properly.

You need to be a bit savvy of technology, in this way Magento might would be the best option for you out there. This is not to explain that you requires to be a developer and programmer to make use of this software – as explained earlier, Magento provides ample resources to get even the slightest technology-savvy trader up to speediness. However there is also a learning-curve for some of the merchants. Dissimilar with plug-in solutions, you would require to invest a slight more time on customization of the software before you make it online, otherwise just use the software leaving behind the absolute rules of thinking to get started right away.