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Magento Ecommerce: 6 Super Tools That Can Power Up Your Magento Store

With more than 400,000+ ecommerce and business sites using Magento, it’s proof enough that it’s one of the largest open-source ecommerce platforms.

The graph below should tell you that’s also the most preferred ecommerce platform over time owing to its stability, security, and usability.

Magento ecommerce

According to CreativeMinds , Magento ecommerce accounts for 25+ billion dollars in transaction volume, comes with 300+ technology partners, and server response times are surprisingly fast at about 10 milliseconds (while the average is around 2 minutes).

“All that Glitters is not Gold” – while we do know that, both the glitter and the gold – as far as ecommerce is concerned — is up to the Magento ecommerce store owners.

What you put in is what you get.

While the CMS is already a capable ecommerce workhorse, a few plugins, modules, and tools can add more to the performance, security, stability, and operational ease for your Magento Store.

Whether you are using Magento 1 or Magento 2, here are some of those super tools that help power up your Magento Store:


Mobile shopping is on the rise. At least, more shoppers use mobile devices to shop, read reviews, compare products, and look for social proof on mobile.

According to Google Insights , mobile search is the most common starting point for search and for most categories 48% start on search engines, 33% start on branded websites, and about 26% start on branded apps.

The key is this: about 89% of consumers’ time is spent on mobile, according to Nielsen Statistics.

Your magento ecommerce store would mean little for consumers on mobile, if it doesn’t show up on mobile devices, the way it should.
CouchCommerce – a popular magento ecommerce extension — is the perfect tool to help you convert your existing desktop version into a mobile optimized store.

Using “Sofa SDK” technology, it pulls up the best touch-optimized mobile experience for your magento store along with giving you a way to plug 3rd party integrations, the ability to work offline, updates, and more.

SEO Suite Ultimate

The success of your Magento store depends on high-quality, relevant, and engaged traffic it gets.

Nothing is more engaging than users typing in keywords related to your products and finding your store right away. Although Search optimization is an ever changing science (or is it art?), a proper and holistic SEO strategy should be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

SEO Suite Ultimate from MageWorks  helps you with meta data optimization, implement advanced rich snippets, do SEO for layered navigation pages and for product review pages, automatically solve duplication issues, and deploy an extended HTML sitemap.

The suite also has tools to enable internal and external cross-linking, implement Hreflang tags (for multi-language and regional stores) and more.

LiveChat For Magento

“Is Anybody out there?” could very well be a Pink Floyd hit but it’s plain common sense to have someone attend to online shoppers as they visit your store.

Ecommerce stores without agents attending Livechat (or no Livechat at all) can be very lonely places. Livechat for Magento  is a premium tool (and beautiful at that) that can help you engage with your shoppers as they come in.

Livechat, when used well, can help increase sales conversions, build a pipeline faster, boost customer satisfaction, increase the number of transactions, and provide your customers with real-time information to help facilitate even more sales.

MatrixRate by webShopApps

Shipping isn’t easy. In fact, it’s downright tricky (or ugly) if you don’t get it right. There are many Magento tools for ecommerce that help you with shipping but MatrixRate by WebShopApps  helps you a wee bit more.

The extension helps you identify and work with variations in shipping for weight, location, quantity, and many other variables. By using MatrixRate, you can minimize shipping related issues, make your shipping process smooth, and avoid returns (for no reason) and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Bronto for Magento

You do have some respectable email marketing solutions in the market today. MailChimp and Campaign Monitor can probably serve every need you’d have with email marketing. Bronto for Magento , however, is incredibly useful for cross-channel marketing campaigns, revenue-generating email campaigns, great analytics, and deep segmentation capabilities.

Bronto goes as far as analyzing average order values per customer, previous orders made, total revenue per customer, and more.

Be it abandoned carts or wish lists, Bronto helps you to dig out the best data and build appropriate campaigns.

Loaded with an impressive delivery rate or 99%+, it’s a reliable partner for email marketing campaigns as you run your ecommerce business.

New Relic

Operating an ecommerce store is never easy. Your store comes loaded with images, content, and what have you. Plus, it has to load fast, and stay that way. Reliability and security are not afterthoughts.
To manage your store better, you’d need to have a way to monitor performance. New Relic is a great tool that can help you with just that. New Relic  helps you with server monitoring, application monitoring, a full range of analytics, and a lot more.

You also get to see the “slowest transactions”, what’s been happing at any point in time, pull up error rates graphs (which show if there’s a problem with the site or the server), database performance, and even browser performance.

Granted that what you do with New Relic won’t show on the outside. But if the insides aren’t monitored, the store can fail.

Magento is slick and capable. But you can do a lot more for your ecommerce store that finds its home on Magento.
Do you use any of these tools or extensions above? What are your favorite tools?

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