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Top 9 questions to ask before hiring a web design and development agency

Financing in a newfangled website could be a clear-cut costly proposition. Just before you offer your project to a website development agency, ensure that you do know what you are getting into! It is recommended to ask a comprehensive list of questions to each and every agency you are bearing in mind working with.

Try these on for size:


Ask them thoroughly about how they handle all development work in-house? How great is their team and how long they have been working together? Manifold designing firms either lack-in or they completely do not have any in-house development groups. This is naturally a sign that the firm selling you the website does not have any understanding of the technology that energies your website. In Addition, involving a broker between you and your developing agency is a formula for disaster. It is actually like buying the work from a third party that you have absolutely no idea about. Ensure that the agency you recruit has its own team of web designers and developers. Furthermore, it requires many years for collecting a team of developers that is giant of technology and all members of this team are experts. If members have been together and concentrated on the same core tradition of technology for two or more years, they most likely have a dependable web solution.

Ask them that for how long have they been organizing this technology? Inquire them if they could show the back-end working of similar sites they have deployed? Knowing at early stage about the back-end (content management systems) would be extremely useful of what your experience would be when website will be produced.  Ability to rapidly and spontaneously edit the website is acute in the long-term value of website. If you need to communicate with your designing agency each time you would like to edit a word on your website, you are going to lose a great deal of value and money.

The website they build should be responsive so that it would work on mobile and tablets. Over 55% of all sites are now seen and viewed on hand-held devices. Your website should be designed in a mobile-friendly manner. Nowadays, this means that the website is Responsive. In generic terms – the website’s design should change or respond according to the dimensions of the screen on which it is browsed.


Un-Doubtfully, you might have come up with your own certain reasons for either a complete transformation of appearance or a re-launch of a new website. Mostly, the very first thing that hits your mind is the appearance of your website looks and functionality. These are obviously significant issues, however the greatest vital factor that is most possibly failed to notice is the “Content”.

If the firm you would like to hire deals with art before dealing with content, you surely are not in the right place working with the wrong people. They are simply doing superficial things while ignoring true nature of website development.

Although this is step four, it is fairly the most imperative aspect to consider when selecting a company for web development. The firm requires to know the significance of content at very first step. Whether they produce the content or obtain from a copywriter, they are structuring the framework that is covering your content. It is essential for an agency to understand how your consumers would like to interact with the content and how you precisely would be managing the content in upcoming needs. This make sure that your site is conveying your message and maintains its excellence for years to come.

Make inquiries about their content management system (CMS) technology copyrighted or is it open-source? What are the kinds of licensing fees you have to deal with? There are numerous content managing choices in the marketplace. Software labeled as ‘Open-source’ means it is produced and maintained by the community of developers at mass-level and it is free to use, though it still costs dough while implementing and frequently means there are several other people that are aware about it and use it. This pushes developing cost down. Patented software retained by a particular firm and might be so convention that merely the makers know how to work on it. Visualize purchasing a car with a new-fangled engine design that just one mechanic is familiar with how to work on it. It is costly and highly risky. You would like the economical, extensively accepted technology that provides you the functionality you would like to use. As it comes to content management system, ‘WordPress’ is the best solution for many small to medium sized companies.


Asking about, what warranty do they offer? How long is the warranty worthy for? What would be their Maintenance plan/Services Plan? Web-Hosting charges and what would be the total cost of all these services?

After the launch of your new web-site, a reliable and dependable company would be willing to maintain a healthy and trusty relationship with you. Depending entirely on how involved you would be with the maintenance of your website and publishing of the content on your site, a respectable firm would definitely assist you in your analytic reporting and make sure that your site is helping you achieve your goals you have defined.

A site is similar to a Car. It needs on-going repairs, provision and maintenance just like we go for an oil change for our car. Each and every day the World Wide Web is adapting the change. Website browsers are updated regularly, new viruses rise-out and up to the date functionality is introduced very frequently. Your website might function exquisitely on present day, however it could be broken tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It is essential to prepare yourself for constant charges. It is best to recognize how the agency you would like to hire for your site design and development is going to deal with that.


It is usually the most obvious problem or risk. Cost is certainly a contract maker or contract breaker when it approaches to hiring a web development firm.

  • A well-known question is to inquire how the agency base their pricing.
  • Would that be charged hourly or fee is based on the complete project?
  • How often do their projects go above budget?
  • What is the payment policy?
  • Is there a flawless procedure for billing for extra features or work beyond the projects’ starting scope?

As with anything else you purchase, the Phrase ‘You pay for what you get’ believes to be true in the field of web-design and development. If you instigate to cut prices only for redeeming a dollar now, you might not gain as much value in the long-run when it move toward to delivering the consequences you planned for.

So, here the question arises is how could you look after the costs of your project? It is merely like a math really. This is the point where you as an owner should stop to do some exploration and research. What had you spent last year on your promotions and marketing? How has those struggles brought a Return on investment?

It is considered as a common practice in this business to do a little up-front discovery, first bid a project underprice then raise the price up on clienteles, as the site is getting built. Mostly clienteles frequently ask agencies: “Wow, your proposals are huge!” Their proposals are large because they do in-depth up-front discovery and write tremendously detailed scopes. They would like to know precisely what they are going to develop before they quote the client a price. This is the way they can promise that they would meet our deadlines and meet their financial plan. If the web-development agency you are going to get a quote from does not inquire a mass of questions and write a thorough plan as part of their proposal, you must beware!

Ask if your agency is willing to provide clear proof of the value brought to you through tangible outcomes. All the time remember it is about value, not for charges paid. If an agency could offer a site or service that can brought Return on Investments, then cost is not a cause of broken contract. Never let high prices unsighted you from your aims defined earlier, if you do your part of researching you possibly will find that you have been spending money somewhere else without consequences for reasonably some time.


This is very vital question to ask about estimated timeline to build the website? This is an additional good element to inquire references about. What timeline do they give you contrasted with how long it in reality took to build the website? Quickness for development likewise goes back to question number one. A group that has been working together and on the similar technology has possibly encountered most viruses and could work rapidly. A third-party creator working on novel technology is most likely going to come across new bugs and fail to meet deadlines.


Look for how they discuss about designing process. Process is perilous! An agency’s processes and systems are an abundant sign of dependability, constancy and excellence as well as quality. Visit ‘Go Media’ they go overboard on design process. They have an in depth 32-step process for web development and designing. They go way overboard with systems and processes.

Make as much as possible inquiries from agency about their process, their practices, and techniques and for what reason they are making particular approvals or choices. If you do not understand a section of the web-project, do not hesitate to ask. It is found to be true that it is entirely up to you to do your own research and get an idea about your project, because you should never feel like you are in the dark about your investment.


Look for how the handle and communicate about access to all the sources to design files inside use?I have experienced many trustworthy agencies hold their clienteles hosting. Do always know about owners of the designing files. Many enterprise’s policy is to send their clienteles all of their files (containing design-source data) at the end of each project. If you would ever have a dwindling with your designing company and recognize you are not the owner of any of the design files data, you would definitely remorse not inquiring this query up-front.

When you know what you require to accomplish your goals, you would be able to see if a company fits the bill and how do you recognize the triumph of your website?The very first step to take is what you actually would like your website and online marketing to achieve. You must consider very carefully your goal, your aims and how you are going to measure success. There are numerous methods to check achievement of a site deployment. Accomplishment might be traffic, exchange of idea on blog, sales, etc. It entirely depend on your metrics for success, ensure that you have methods to check it and get surety about the agency you employ comprises that in their offer to you. When the web-site inaugurations, it ought to already be built-in into the website.

For instance, if your website’s aim to attain is mainly E-Commerce, your concentration is going to be on Return-on-Investment (ROI), expanding sales, and to build and maintain your consumers base.
Moreover, if you are going to launch a new-fangled firm and your necessity is brand awareness, you would simply provide information and instructions about your services or goods. So, here in this case, good visibility and a precise emphasis on defined target is needed.

Now the question is what to do? It has a simple solution just ask the firm clearly to provide compact proofs of their skills and capabilities. They would be showing you case studies or instances of how they previously have approached a tricky or simple problem and how they did provide a solution to those problems.


How many years the agency you would like to hire is doing this business? How giant is the firm?Because you would like to deal with your web designing agency for a long-time. In General, it is problematic for development crews to get into other company’s work. There is a term known in business “Ramp-up’ that would cost you money. Therefore, you would like to work with an agency that is not going anyplace.

This is not compulsory how long a company has been in business. Factually, a lot of fresh organizations have many ideas of quality and new practices to consider. The point is that how much the firm understands your commerce and if they have effectively delivered a similar solution to their other clienteles. Ask the company for its previous performance data, user testimonials and case studies that demonstrate their approaches and how well they measure outcomes.

Size can similarly be an element. Large or small, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Typically, the larger the company, the more costly the service. However, size has its advantages. If an employee at a great company has an emergency, there are other workers available to cover the slack. I suggest selecting an agency that has seven or more staff members. At seven workers, a web development company should have at least two-three designers and two-three developers. It is an agreeable coating of defense for your project.


Always find a firm that has a dedicated, trustworthy project manager that would be managing this project? It is extremely obliging to have a dedicated administrator on your project of website development. They define time-lines, schedule-meetings, give and ask for feedback, monitor, and review and organize content, etc. If the company you are working with does not have a professional project manager, be ready to devote a lot more time handling with web development issues because of not getting precise details. Furthermore, do understand that most web development delays arise due to the trivial details. It is the slightest that cause the largest delays!

The rapidly changing environment of web makes it an extremely multifaceted and technical enormous challenge, even for us who are alive and breathing it every single day. Therefore, it is extremely significant that you understand what your website firm is saying about it and doing.

When you start a discussion with their Project Manager, he should be on your side, working hard to describe what his firm will do, how they are doing this and most vitally for what reason they are doing it. If you are ever mixed up or gone astray by any part of the discussion, it is not your flaw… it is theirs.