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WooCommerce: An Emerging Ecommerce Platform

As of the present days, the world is teeming with small businesses that aim to sell their innovative ideas around the world. Different techniques and strategies are actually used by these businesses especially when it comes to promoting and offering whatever their businesses have to offer. Of the many ecommerce website design platforms used by many of these small businesses today, WooCommerce happens to be one of the most popular due to the dramatic and massive acceptance of many users worldwide.

Perhaps, you may be thinking why it is necessary to use WooCommerce when there are other content management suits and systems that are available on the market today. Here, you will be learning facts and figures that attest the veracity of authenticity of WooCommerce as an effective tool to help you realize a successful ecommerce business today and in the future.

For your information, the dramatic popularity and growth of WooCommerce has started sometime in 2011 and from then on, the staggering growth of this ecommerce platform for WordPress has continued to soar higher and higher each day. For your information, WooCommerce is an essential portion of a growing field of ecommerce growth but do you know how fast the growth of this market is? Is there something great about it that can be expected in the future? With all the growths that take place in the commerce arena, will there be ample opportunities that will help you go around and go places? More importantly, is the increasing rate of users good enough to provide support to the increasing number of emerging businesses and enterprises?

An Increasingly Growing Market

It was in the year 2012 when ecommerce has had a robust 14.8% increase on its growth rate compared to its 2011 statistics. This reality has easily shadowed the overall retail sales rate of 5.3%. Because of these figures, it has been predicted by Forrester Research that in the turn of 2017, the online business works will account for 10% of all the retail sales of the United States especially when the online sales will have to reach $370 billion – something which is a way too far from this year’s $231 billion.

In the present year eMarketer estimates that the ecommerce sales of B2C is expected to grow by 18.3% to $1.298 trillion all across the globe. On the other hand, Asia Pacific has outrun North America as the world’s number one market. For your information, there are four countries that lead the way in the Asia Pacific market and they include Japan, Indonesia, China and India. These four respective markets are expected to see quicker ecommerce growth than any other markets around the globe. China has earned the number one spot with 14% ecommerce sales which has escalated to 65% from the year 2012.

You might want to know where the growth is coming from. Basing from the US market alone, growth is simply achieved from existing customers that make use of their money through online shopping and purchases. This simply makes you think this way: “What is the thing that powers all these growth rates?” To help you come up with a clearer answer and picture to this, comScore has made a research and discovered that half of the US population makes use of smart phones and 86% percent of these people are making use of these devices to go shopping online. With this in mind, you’ll get an increase of 28.5% when compared to the status of online shoppers in the US way back in 2011.

In consonance with this research, a research form known as eMarketer also reported that about 62.5% of the existing mobile commerce usually comes from tablet users even when they have a higher penetration rate when compared to smartphone users. As a result, experts have the expectation that 62.5 % will grow dramatically up to 71.5% by the year 2017. Well, these numbers are quite impressive and they pose to be something that will lead to potential growth ahead.

As an ecommerce merchant, what do the aforementioned numbers mean to you? For businesses in the North American region, it is important to come up with a global presence and the awareness on global competition that’s currently taking place among global businesses today. Like what has been discovered by experts, ecommerce growth in North America has been attributed to online shoppers. For your information, Forrester has also predicted that about more than 4 million fresh ecommerce users will emerge from the United States. This is going to be a great advantage on the part of merchants who offer products and services via the internet.

People who will have to avail your products or services can simply learn from the attractive and transparent views, making them more confident in buying or availing what your business has to offer. As such, you can come to the point of realization that it is important for you to add and incorporate creative messages as well as personal customer support and service to make a big difference in the business arena. And of course, it is also important that you should make it a point that your customers have a great experience shopping from your site, making them feel eager to get back to you whenever they need more in the future.

In order for you to catch the attention and senses of your target audience, it is important for you to learn using different designs and themes that promote and offer responsive features. With these themes and designs, the chopping experience of your customers will truly become vibrant and functional especially when they are using certain types of popular mobile devices.

Payment Gateways and other types of merchant services that support different currencies and credit cards from other countries will surely become an increasingly important aspect of your business. This proves to be true if so happens that your business is offered to global audiences. There are businesses that offer this kind of feature and one of them is 2Checkout which allows customers to checkout using any of the twenty checkout currencies. As such, customer experience is greatly enhanced with this kind of feature offered by a particular business.

The Growth of WooCommerce

Over the years from the time when WooCommerce has been established and introduced to global users, millions of download have already been made. With each passing day, WooCommerce downloads are increasing dramatically. With this thin in mind, one can safely say that WooCommerce has truly become the most popular and fastest growing platform all across the globe. In addition, this platform has also served as the instrument that encourages many businessmen in creating innovative businesses and enterprises. With the use of WooCommerce, you will have the opportunity to create your own business niche while taking full control of it the easy way.

If your site is powered by WordPress and you will combine it with the power of WooCommerce then you will be using an extremely powerful duo. WordPress exists for more than years and it currently accounts to more than 20 percent of all new websites all over the world. When WordPress and WooCommerce are combined together, a user gets the chance to gain access to powerful extensions and plugins, allowing him to take his site further than he can imagine.

Every day, people are working real hard for in adding new products, services and integrations for their growing customer base. While many of these their products are currently for sale right in their extension marketplace, these people are also working real hard on creating partnerships in order to offer more free extensions.

Ten Good Reasons to Use WooCommerce for Small Businesses

Essentially, WooCommerce is another product of WooTheme and is known as another WordPress plugin. With the increasing number of plugins and platforms that can be found on the market today, finding a potential one can be downright hard and difficult. The following are the ten good reasons why WooCommerce is the best emerging platform for small businesses and business startups:

It’s Free

The fact is that there is no shortage when it comes to high quality ecommerce platforms and CMS today. In fact, there are plenty of them scattered on the market today. However, the only drawback that you will have to face is that they usually come with a price except for WooCommerce which is known to be free you can download it right now without the charge. And even when it’s free, rest assured that extensive features and extreme flexibility come with it.

A Great Deal of Flexibility

With WooCommerce, a user can have the freedom to exercise a great deal of flexibility with his products. You need not to be a technical genius to be able to do it because WooCommerce has an easy user interface that you can always depend on. This makes it easier for you to categorize your products, give sale prices and provide independent attributes and so much more.

More than Just an Ecommerce

With WooCommerce, you are not forced to go beyond your comfort zone especially when you are building your own online store. In fact, WooCommerce readily opens other doors to make it clear for you that its use is not only limited to ecommerce. With this platform, you can have the chance to create and build a professional site along with an integrated blog. Thus, you can create a business site that is two-dimensional and can be achieved and presented seamlessly with the aid of WooCommerce being a WordPress-based platform.

Familiar Friendliness

As of today, WordPress currently supports more than 51% of the millions of websites that currently exist. With this in mind, it is but cool to say that small businesses and business startups can have the opportunity and the pleasure to make use of this CMS for unrelated or similar online project. Since WordPress allows WooCommerce as its plugin, users can have the benefit of recognizing the user-friendly interface of WordPress. This is really something that saves much of your time and effort especially when you are at the stage of building your online store while bolstering creativity at the same time.

Plenty of Options for Customization Purposes

Even when WooCommerce is free to use, rest assured that this hasn’t made the platform to be rigid. As a matter of fact, the use of WooCommerce offers plenty of room to tweak and customize your business to whole new level of uniqueness. Be able to choose from the plethora of themes offered by WooCommerce and these can be availed from the WooThemes Store. After choosing a particular theme, you can work on presetting CSS styles and color themes, changing and tweaking the code as you experiment the various features they offer.

Simple Yet Professional

Man y users think that when a platform is offered for free, chances are that you will get low profile results in the process. Well, this should not fool you especially when talking about WooCommerce. The fact that WooCommerce is free does not hinder it to offer simple yet professional outputs. This is one of the good reasons why many online stores and businesses, regardless of their size simply make use of WooCommerce for the enhancement of their online stores.

Easier to Address Analytics

An analytic tool is a core tool for every online store owner. The fact is that there are many business startups that are not yet aware about the application of an analytic on a particular website. With WooCommerce you are simply covered with this as you will be guided along the way in using your analytic tool on your online business.

Great Apps for Your Online Store

With WooCommerce, you can have the opportunity to set up your business professionally and easily without the hassle. This is possible with the reliable functionality of WooCommerce that did not disappoint many business owners many, many years now.

Room for Improvement

With WooCommerce, you are allowed to exercise expansion and growth. This can be done in certain ways such as in managing your store and products and in dealing with your customers.

Because of WooThemes

Another good reason to use WooCommerce is because of WooThemes. WooThemes has a great track record in terms of reliability and professionalism in terms of its products, services and support systems.

With all these things in mind, we cannot deny the fact that WooCommerce is truly an emerging ecommerce platform for small business websites and startups all across the globe today.


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