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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Site loading speed has been the priority criterion for the success of the site. And even the fact that WordPress is now one of the most popular content management systems, does not affect the speed of loading sites hosted on it. In this post, we’ll give you a few tips on how to speed up […]

Is Your business Website Your Best Salesperson

More than ten years ago, before the Internet became accessible and popular, even the smallest company has spent hundreds of dollars a month in order to increase the level of sales. The money spent on phone calls, print advertising, print on letterhead and business cards, and so on. Many companies spend thousands of dollars to […]

Is woocommerce seo friendly

Creating a site for e-commerce can be a daunting task. Imagine that it is a matter of no more than a few clicks. Thanks WooCommerce is now possible. WooCommerce – is a WordPress plugin that helps you create, manage, monitor and maintain your online shop without the hassle or fuss with the code (do not […]

WordPress Protecting ways

Administrative area of any web applications has long been a favorite target for hackers, and developers extremely concerned about its safety. This also applies to WordPress: when registering a new blog, system creates an administrator account with a unique randomly generated password in real time. It’s blocking universal access to system settings, controlling it using […]

WordPress SEO-secrets for effectively website promotion

This article helps you learn how to SEO optimize any WordPress website for effective promotion in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for 30 minutes. We will explain and demonstrate like using absolutely free simple and powerful plugin, you can: Improve the site indexation Increase the traffic from search engines and social networks To automate the creation […]

WooCommerce: An Emerging Ecommerce Platform

As of the present days, the world is teeming with small businesses that aim to sell their innovative ideas around the world. Different techniques and strategies are actually used by these businesses especially when it comes to promoting and offering whatever their businesses have to offer. Of the many ecommerce website design platforms used by […]

Is WordPress Really the Best CMS for Small Businesses?

There is a sad truth about clients who made it a point to establish their websites. This truth entails clients who simply do not care how their websites are created, constructed and built. If you are going to dig into the minds of these clients, you will discover that all of them, for sure, want […]

WordPress in 2016: what to expect from the CMS

A year ago was published an article about what to expect from WordPress in 2015. If you go back, you can only rejoice as how this article materialized. Forecasts were for the most part accurate, however, have been implemented in different ways. In retrospect, we can see the following: 2015 was quite productive year for […]

9 Must Know WordPress Interesting Possibilities

Because the WordPress is constantly growing and evolving, some of the features and functions of this system are still behind the scenes and omitted from consideration. In this post we will show you some things that you should know about your favorite CMS. Adding a link by inserting. This feature is very useful, but not […]

Magento Ecommerce: 6 Super Tools That Can Power Up Your Magento Store

With more than 400,000+ ecommerce and business sites using Magento, it’s proof enough that it’s one of the largest open-source ecommerce platforms. The graph below should tell you that’s also the most preferred ecommerce platform over time owing to its stability, security, and usability. According to CreativeMinds , Magento ecommerce accounts for 25+ billion dollars in […]